Better Collective completes £40m acquisition of Atemi Group

The affiliate marketing company Better Collective has completed its acquisition of Atemi Group.

Affiliate marketing company Better Collective has announced the completion of its acquisition of Atemi Group for £40m ($51.8m).

This comes after Better Collective announced last month it had signed a letter of intent to acquire an unnamed online gambling business for €45m.

Terms of the deal

Under the terms of the agreement, Better Collective will pay £32.5m upfront for the affiliate marketing agency, with a combination of £27.8m in cash and £4.7m in Better Collective shares. 

The remaining £7.5m will be paid out in equal quarterly deferred payments until the end of 2021.

Better Collective said that this acquisition marks a major strategic move for the company and will provide significant synergistic opportunities. The company also said it will provide the business with more channels to drive traffic and convert potential customers into bettors.

The affiliate also said that it will now have access to major social media platforms as Atemi is an approved advertiser on Facebook and Instagram. Better Collective mentioned it will also combine its own organic traffic acquisition assets, paid media and sports betting with those it will acquire from Atemi.

With the acquisition now complete, Better Collective said it will help the company expand into new markets including the US, where it will have access to higher numbers of new first time depositing customers.

Jesper Søgaard, CEO of Better Collective, said: “This acquisition is a very important step for us to reach our strategic target of becoming the leading sports betting aggregator in the world. Atemi Group has been on an impressive growth journey since the company was founded in 2015, and has reached the large scale it takes to be competitive and profitable within paid media. We see many opportunities for expansion into new markets and for harvesting synergistic effects between our assets and competences.

“The acquisition will immediately bring Better Collective in the absolute leading position when it comes to customer acquisition for the online operators, with an estimated annual NDC level of of more than 600.000, and from a financial perspective Better Collective will take a leap of having proforma annual revenue of estimated more than 120 million EUR with high operational earnings and cash flow.”

A bit about Atemi Group

Atemi Group was founded in 2015 and is recognised as a leading igaming specialist when it comes to paid media such as PPC and social media advertising. 

The company has had great success in leading mass engagement campaigns through Google, Microsoft Bing, Facebook, Instagram and other online platforms.

Richard Skelhorn, founder of Atemi Group, said: “We built a very successful gaming affiliate business over the past five years at Atemi.  All credit goes to the amazing team and now we are thrilled to be joining Better Collective.  

“Atemi and Better Collective are both market leaders in their respective areas, and the combination of the two companies, creates a very strong force in gaming affiliation. I  am certain this will take us to the next level.”

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