DraftKings partner with the Professional Fighters League

DraftKings and the Professional Fighters League (PFL), a new MMA organization, have entered a strategic partnership.

The partnership will officially launch on New Year’s Eve with a fantasy contest for the PFL Championship taking place on 31 December.

The PFL began its first season earlier this year with 72 fighters in six different weight divisions. So far 10 events have been held across the country, with fighters advancing based on how many wins and points they have accumulated.

The 2018 PFL World Championship Pick ‘Em fantasy game will launch on 21 December and requires players to predict the outcomes of four fights on the night of the championship event.

Donn Davis, Co-Founder and Chairman of the PFL said: “The winners in this partnership are MMA fans, first with fantasy and eventually gaming.

“PFL is re-imagining MMA, and we look forward to collaborating with DraftKings to offer new engagement for fans while creating new revenue streams for our business.”

According to a press release, the partnership will continue into the 2019 PFL season and “will include additional custom fantasy games and other gaming innovations.”

Ezra Kucharz, Chief Business Officer at DraftKings, said: “Our partnership with the Professional Fighters League is another example of our dedication to innovation and our never ending quest to expand our sports offerings.

“Like our customers, PFL fans are extremely engaged and passionate, and this collaboration is an excellent example of what DraftKings seeks in partners who can connect with our growing community of players.”

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