DraftKings strikes data deal with Alation

DraftKings has struck a partnership with the data catalog company Alation.

The daily fantasy sports provider turned sports betting operator, DraftKings, has entered into a new data partnership with Alation.

This news comes weeks after the merger between DraftKings and SBTech was confirmed.

What’s covered in the deal?

Under the deal, DraftKings will use the Alation Data Catalog to leverage data in order to help serve users across its daily fantasy sports and sports betting platforms.

Alation has said that its Data Catalog will provide the operator’s data analysts and business users with a single point of reference for data discovery, knowledge sharing and collaboration. The data provider also said that by using its data, DraftKings will be able to see the ways users in engage with its platforms.

Paul Liberman, President, Global Technology & Product at DraftKings, said: “Data is the lifeblood of our organization. We use Alation to better understand our data, improve onboarding of new employees, and empower our teams with critical insights to build better products and features for our customers.”

Satyen Sangani, CEO of Alation, said: “DraftKings is the perfect example of an agile organization that is embracing a data culture by increasing collaboration and data access, and driving trust in data. We are excited that Alation can play an important role in DraftKings’ success and in consumers’ enjoyment of their products.”

What is Alation?

Headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, Alation is a data catalog company that combines machine learning and human collaboration to help make data-driven decisions. More than 150 companies including eBay and Exelon use the Alation Data Catalog.

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