GambleAware launches experts with experience tender

GambleAware has launched the process of looking for people with experience of living with gambling harms to create a nationwide support network.

The UK industry charity, GambleAware, has issued an invitation to tender as it looks for a partner to aid in the creation of a nationwide network for people in the UK who have experience with gambling-related harms.

GambleAware’s nationwide network project

The charity’s network project is expected to cost between £70,000 and £90,000 and will take up to 18 months to set up

GambleAware said that the reason behind the project was due to the fact that there is no single network in the UK that represents people suffering from gambling harms.

In its announcement, the charity said: “There is no single, inclusive network which is representative of all people with lived experience of gambling harms. However, the meaningful involvement of those with lived experience is crucial at all levels of service delivery, research, policy and legislation formation.”

The charity outlined two expected outcomes of the project which include a target operating model for a network that is representative, accessible and accountable which will work with communities with experience of living with gambling harms and the setup and operation of an entity that can deliver the target operating model.

GambleAware had already flagged the need for experts by experience earlier this year. Back in May, GambleAware’s Treatment Needs and Gap Analysis report highlighted that those people who have lived experience of gambling harms could play a crucial role in promoting access to problem gambling services.

Another report commissioned by GambleAware and compiled by researchers at King’s College London highlighted that there is a lack of patient and public involvement, engagement and participation when it comes to policy development.

While GambleAware will play a role in forming the group, the new network would have to be independent of the charity.

GambleAware said: “The network will also set its own priorities and develop sufficient capacity, resource and membership so that it can meaningfully participate in and influence national debate and policy making.”

Looking for bidders

As the network would have to operate independent of the charity, GambleAware has launched a tender in order to select a third party partner that would take the lead role in forming the network.

The charity has asked prospective bidders to outline how they would involve a range of communities that have experience with gambling-related harms while also being guided by evidence of what works, from academics, practice and other sectors.

Bidders must also outline the opportunities and challenges that come with setting up a network and put together an engagement infrastructure for those who will participate.

In addition to this, bidders will have to outline how they will seek out membership and governance arrangements, primary communication platforms and short, medium and long-term priorities for the project.

Bidders must also provide key performance indicators which will help measure the success and effectiveness of the project and outline plans for long-term funding.

An informational event for potential bidders will be held on 28 October and requests for clarification must be submitted before 30 October. Bidders must submit proposals on 17 November which GambleAware will assess over 19 and 20 November.

The charity will select a winning bid on 25 November prior to the contract being awarded on 30 November. From here, the contract will be finalised and signed on 21 December, followed by a kick-off meeting on 11 January.

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