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GeoComply rolls out multi-state self-exclusion tool

The location verification company GeoComply has launched new self-exclusion tools.

The location verification company GeoComply has announced the launch of a solution called PlayPause that will allow players to self-exclude from gambling across multiple US states.

GeoComply launched its latest tool in conjunction with Responsible Gaming Education Week and have described it as “an innovative tool designed to modernize and strengthen the effectiveness of the iGaming and online sports betting industry’s responsible gaming programs.”

The PlayPause solution

GeoComply will offer the PlayPause tool to operators for free and it will allow a player’s self-exclusion to carry over into different states to “prevent incidence of simply crossing a state line and continuing to gamble.”

The tool also gives operators access to a greater amount of player data on those who have self-excluded in one state. GeoComply said that the new PlayPause tool would help to “streamline” administrative processes.

Anna Sainsbury, GeoComply chairman and co-founder, said: “At GeoComply, we’re always looking for ways to leverage technology in a meaningful and responsible way. PlayPause is not only an important compliance tool, but a way we can unite the industry and regulators to deepen their shared commitment to responsible gaming and consumer protection.”

Elizabeth Lanza, Director of the Office of Compulsive and Problem Gambling, Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board added: “Pennsylvania is pleased to be at the forefront of a new responsible gaming tool, designed to strengthen consumer protection and take self-exclusion programs in a new direction.”

Keith Whyte, Executive Director of the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) said: “Creating a multi-state self-exclusion tool has long been a goal of all stakeholders that are committed to responsible gaming. The NCPG applauds the creation of PlayPause – this is a prime example of how technology and innovation can be leveraged to advance consumer protection and foster a more effective responsible gaming framework across the gambling and sports betting industries.”

Omer Sattar, co-founder and executive vice president at Sightline Payments described the new tool as a “missing link” in the world of player protection in the gambling space. 

Sattar said: “Sightline enthusiastically supports GeoComply in creating PlayPause, which until now was a missing link in the industry’s arsenal of responsible gaming tools. Our support is reflective of Sightline’s long-standing commitment to responsible gaming and corporate social responsibility.

“This is a key step to advance all stakeholders’ interest in strengthening consumer protection and providing safeguards to ensure that all gaming products are enjoyed in a responsible way.”

AGA’s Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering

The launch of GeoComply’s PlayPause tool comes after the American Gaming Association (AGA) launched its Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering which is intended to prevent the irresponsible advertising of sportsbook products.

The AGA’s campaign also comes in time for the start of Responsible Gaming Education Week.

Under the AGA’s marketing code, advertising “may not promote irresponsible or excessive participation in sports wagering.” The code also states that “each message will contain a responsible gaming message, along with a toll-free helpline number where practical.”

On top of this, the code states that advertisements may not suggest that sports wagering can guarantee “social, financial or personal success.” In addition to this, the code says that sports betting advertising may not be “licensed for use on clothing, toys, games, or game equipment intended primarily for persons below the legal age for sports wagering.”

Sports wagering also cannot be promoted on college or university campuses.

The AGA’s new responsible marketing code will be overseen by a Code Compliance Review Board, which is made up of two independent co-chairs and five AGA member representatives.

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