Google Ads to open to online casino advertisers in four states this December

Google has announced that online casino advertisers will be permitted to appear on Google Ads in Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey and Pennsylvania before the end of 2019.

State-licensed entities will be eligible to apply for certification, with the policy coming into effect later in December. has confirmed with Google that aggregators will also be permitted to promote state-licensed operators in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

As part of the update, US sports betting is coming out of beta and will be integrated into Google’s main Gambling and games policy.

The news follows an earlier announcement that Casino PPC would start to open up from 2020. Paid media advertisers will be please to see this is running ahead of schedule.

Google’s first steps into sports betting advertising came earlier this year, when their beta programme opened up to licensed operators in three states. That list of states has since lengthened.

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