New York City F.C. break new ground in season ticket sales

Neither Atlanta nor Orlando City F.C. have been shy about their season ticket outreach. In fact, both have openly touted their success in driving interest to their coming product.

Despite the hoopla that preceded their arrival, New York City F.C. have maintained a quiet stance about their numbers — until now.

The club reached out to its current season ticket base, announcing a significant milestone; NYCFC has sold 3,000 “Founding Member Accounts.”

While an important revelation, it only tells part of the story. Usually, season tickets are sold in packages ranging from one to eight seats per account, making 3,000 simply a baseline number for the true seats-sold. These ticket holders can range from the average fan to large corporations.

Orlando City has been more forthcoming about their actual seat count. After an initial push for season ticket holders landed 5,000 seats sold in their first week, their World Cup push landed them just shy of the 7,500 number.

Atlanta has an impressive count, but their numbers are even less revealing than those of NYCFC. The club, scheduled to come into play in 2017, has received a reported 12,700 pledges and 4,430 Founder’s Club members as of early July. The problem with said pledges are that they only require a refundable amount of $50 for their inclusion to becoming a “Founding Member;” hardly a commitment to count on with the team still three years from taking the field.

NYCFC are still in the building process for the 2015 season. They currently have superstar David Villa, along with MLS-ers Jeb Brovsky and Josh Saunders on their roster. They begin play March of 2015 in Yankee Stadium.

Archived content originally from by Dave Martinez

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