Indiana sports betting bill advances to House floor after committee vote

A bill that would legalize sports betting in Indiana is heading to the House floor for a vote after receiving approval from the House Ways and Means Committee.

The bill, titled SB 552, passed the Ways and Means Committee by a vote of 17-6 but received multiple amendments.

The latest amendments to the bill include moving the launch date of sports betting in Indiana to 1 September 2019 from 1 July.

Another amendment to the bill would reduce the sports betting licensing fee to $10,000 from $100,000. The bill also contains provisions for a temporary licensure system.

The tax rate was also amended to 9.5% of revenue and 3.3% of adjusted revenue will be allocated to help combat problem gambling.

The bill originally contained provisions for state-wide mobile sports betting, but these were scrapped last month in an attempt to avoid opposition to the bill.

HB 552 will now be discussed by the House floor and if passed in full any proposed changes will be sent to the upper chamber for a discussion. Once everything is approved, the bill will be sent to the governor for a final decision.

The House floor has yet to set a date to discuss SB 552 and as the legislative session comes to a close on 29 April, Indiana has less than three weeks to legalize sports betting.

In other regulatory news, a bill that would only legalize mobile sports betting in Tennessee was approved by a House committee on Tuesday.

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