MGM and NBA launch free to play betting contest

In light of their recent partnership, the NBA and MGM Resorts International have launched a free-to-play betting contest with a grand prize of $1m.

This contest coincides with the start of the NBA season later this month and is the first instance of the NBA publicly working with MGM.

In this contest, players have to predict the wins of all 30 NBA teams for the season.

MGM and the NBA list the projected wins for each team and then players must predict whether the teams will win more game than projected or fewer.

For instance, the Golden State Warriors are projected to win 64.5 games this season, players must then decide if they will finish over this projection or under.

If a player makes accurate predictions the for all 30 teams then they will win the $1m grand prize.

Players who manage to predict at least 25 correctly will win a $100 gift card to be used at the NBA store.

Players have to be 18 years of age and submit their picks before 8 pm on 16 October.

This contest is the first joint effort between the NBA and MGM since it was announced two months ago that MGM would be the NBA’s “official gaming partner“.

This contest is not only a way to promote MGM as the leagues’ official partner, but could also encourage the league to be more open to sports betting opportunities in the future.

Depending on its success, it may also serve as an example for other sports leagues across the US when it comes to sports betting.


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