MGM Resorts seeks to attract remote workers through ‘Viva Las Office’ scheme

MGM Resorts is offering remote workers the opportunity to work from two of its venues in Las Vegas through its new ‘Viva Las Office’ marketing scheme. 

The offer is applicable for its ARIA and Bellagio venues, both of which are located on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Individuals will have the opportunity to stay for between three and five nights – with the opportunity to remain for longer. 

Work and play 

As the casino and hotel company acknowledges, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many individuals to work from home for the foreseeable future. MGM Resorts President of Commercial and Growth Atif Rafiq had the following to say about the promotional packages. 

“We understand that working from home every day can become taxing and monotonous, and we are excited to offer a safe and curated experience here at Bellagio and ARIA that combines work and play. 

“These packages are designed to offer the best of both worlds. A safe, spacious work setting while still allowing guests to enjoy the amenities and experiences Las Vegas is known for through a single offering.”

Different tiers available 

MGM Resorts has created three separate tiers for those wishing to change their work setting for a few days. The Associate, Manager and Executive all offer similar niceties, though extras such as pool passes depend on the level chosen. 

The pricing for packages begins at just over $100 per night, plus applicable taxes and a ‘resort fee’. Customers also have the opportunity to take advantage of a discount between $75 and $125 for their flight ticket with JSX, a hop-on jet service. 

In its press release, MGM Resorts had the following to say. 

“As millions of employees continue to work from home for the foreseeable future, MGM Resorts International is unveiling a much-needed change of scenery with ‘Viva Las Office,’ the ultimate home-away-from-the-home office experience at Bellagio and ARIA.”

How’s Vegas faring in the current global crisis?

Casinos in Las Vegas and across Nevada have been allowed to reopen since June, subject to various safety procedures. 

Agents have been sent to venues to ensure that protocols are being adhered to by both venue management, as well as other staff and customers. However, it has been perceived that some haven’t been playing by the rules. 

A few weeks ago, the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) revealed that 156 cases have been opened in relation to COVID-19-related safety measures not being followed. 

53,705 coronavirus cases have been reported in the Battle Born State so far, resulting in 901 linked deaths. 

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