Mississippi sports betting figures show steady growth in November

Mississippi sportsbooks took over $44.5m in sports betting handle in November making this the best month since the state legalized sports betting.

Out of the $44.5m wagered on sports, sportsbooks generated revenue of $1.6m, a slight increase from the $1.18m in revenue generated in October.

When it comes to breaking down revenue, the state regulator categorizes the sportsbooks by region: Central, Coastal and Northern.

Sportsbooks in the northern region which includes the Tunica area managed to generate $798,805 making up most of the state’s sports betting revenue.

The central region which houses the Jackson area saw $488,490 in revenue, while the coastal region that includes Biloxi and Gulfport saw $386,956 in revenue.

Football was the most popular sport amongst Mississippi bettors with football accounting for $27.9m of the wagers placed in November.

Although football was the most popular sport for bettors, sportsbooks held on to just over $192,000 from football wagers.

Diving deeper into the figures, sportsbooks in the coastal region reported a loss of $164,000 on over $18m that was wagered on football in the region.

This marks the second consecutive month that sportsbooks in the state have made a loss on football wagers. In October the coastal region recorded a loss of $600,000 on $15m in football bets.

Sportsbooks in the coastal region also reported a loss of $89,000 on parlay wagers in November.

Basketball accounted for $8.1m in wagers, parlay wagers bought in $7.3m in bets and $1.4m was wagered on other sporting events.

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