Mississippi sports betting revenue dips in October

Bettors in the state of Mississippi wagered about $33m on sporting events in October a small increase on the $31.8m wagered in September.

Although more wagers were placed, sportsbooks in the state were left with just $1.18m in revenue for the month.

This is a significant drop in revenue when compared with the $5.5m generated in revenue in September.

The opening of the DraftKings Sportsbook at the Scarlet Pearl Casino last week has bought the total number of sportsbooks in the state up to 23.

When it comes to breaking down revenue, the state regulator categorizes the sportsbooks by regions: Central, Coastal and Northern.

Sportsbooks in the central region generated a revenue of $416,843 with a handle of $3.4m and those in the northern region reported $547,047 from a handle of $7.7m.

Coastal sportsbooks managed to generate only $214,454 in revenue.

The most popular sport with bettors was football with over $15m wagered on the sport and although it was the most popular sport, sportsbooks made a loss of $600,798 on football wagers.

Parlay wagers were the second most popular wager to be placed with a handle of $4.54m accounting $699,011 of sportsbook revenue.

Basketball was the next most popular sport to bet on with $2.31m wagered, followed by baseball with $2.15m wagered.

The Mississippi Gaming Commission attributed the drop in gaming revenue to bettors being lucky with their football wagers.

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