Problem gambling education bill passes the New York Senate

As New York edges closer to expanding its betting market lawmakers are considering legislation to help improve problem gambling education.

The New York State Senate has passed a bill that would help to improve problem gambling education.

This comes during Problem Gambling Awareness Month in the US which kicked off at the start of March.

The new bill

The legislation, titled SB 4207, was introduced by Senator Joseph Addabbo, who has been a long-standing supporter of the expansion of sports betting in the state.

The proposed bill would require the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services to form a problem gambling education program for those people who are on self-exclusion lists.

This program will be made mandatory for individuals prior to their removal from any self-exclusion list.

In the Empire State players can put themselves on self-exclusion lists that prevent them from entering a gambling facility, placing bets or collecting gambling winnings.

Now that the legislation has passed the Senate it will be sent to the  Assembly Alcohol and Drug Abuse Committee for further consideration. If the legislation passes the Assembly stage and receives gubernatorial assent, it will then become a law.

In a statement, Addabbo said: “Problem Gambling Awareness Month serves as a reminder that gambling addiction is real and requires effective resources to educate, support, and treat individuals.

“As the prospect of legalizing mobile sports betting appears closer than ever, we remain focused on raising public awareness about problem gambling and its negative effects. This legislation will help raise awareness while enhancing self-exclusion services for individuals seeking to confront their issues with problem gambling.”

Sports betting in New York

New York is currently working to expand its legal sports wagering market as a means to fill the gaps in the state budget caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, sports betting is restricted to in-person betting at the state’s upstate casino venues. Last week, however, the New York State Senate passed the 2021-22 state budget proposal which includes plans for legal online sports betting.

In January, during New York’s State of the State address, Governor Andrew Cuomo came out in support of legalising mobile sports betting in New York. Prior to this, Cuomo consistently opposed the legalisation of mobile betting and argued that the state would need a constitutional amendment to legalise the activity.

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