South Dakota committee approves sports betting rules

South Dakota has taken another step to getting sports betting off the ground.

South Dakota’s Legislative Rules Review Committee has approved the Commission on Gaming’s proposed rules for sports betting in the state.

This comes after Governor Kristi Noem signed a piece of legislation into law that would permit sports betting in the South Dakota city of Deadwood in March.

The legalisation of sports betting in the state of South Dakota came after voters approved Amendment B, a measure that would permit sports betting in the state, during the November elections. Voters approved Amendment B by a margin of 58.5% against 41.5%.

Rules approved

The Legislative Rules Review Committee has now approved a set of proposed sports betting rules from the state’s Commission on Gaming.

The approved rules mostly covered the basic elements for sports betting in South Dakota. One of the most significant parts was an amendment that would add sports wagering to the list of approved gambling activities in the city of Deadwood.

The Committee also adopted a $5,000 application fee for sports betting service providers, which will cover out-of-state travel to conduct background checks. Other rules related to record-keeping and surveillance.

However, the Committee did reject one rule that would deduct the federal excise tax from sports betting revenue figures.

Now that the rules have been approved, the Commission on Gaming will hold a public hearing on 14 July, where it will adopt additional rules for sports wagering in the state.

Sports betting in South Dakota

Sports betting in the state of South Dakota is expected to launch later this year.

Under the state’s legislation, sports betting will be restricted to the city of Deadwood. Along with commercial casinos in the city, the law will allow the state’s 11 tribal casino venues to also offer sports betting.

The sports betting legislation is set to come into effect on 1 July 2021, which means that the Commission on Gaming will begin accepting sports betting operator licence applications on this date.

The state regulator has yet to announce a concrete launch date for the newly legalised vertical.

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