South Dakota sports betting bill sent to Governor

The state of South Dakota is getting closer to legalising sports betting.

A piece of legislation that would amend South Dakota’s constitution to allow sports wagering in the state has been sent to Governor Kristi Noem for final approval after clearing the House of Representatives.

The bill, SJR501, passed the House with a vote of 36-27 and will now be sent to the Governor where she will have the opportunity to sign the bill into law. The proposed legislation was introduced in January by Senator Bob Ewing and was approved by the state Senate on February 11.

However, even if the proposed legislation is signed by Governor, the constitutional amendment would be subject to a statewide referendum. If approved, South Dakota residents will have the opportunity to vote on the measure during the election in November 2020.

What’s covered in the bill?

If the constitutional amendment is approved, it would permit sports betting in South Dakota, but only within the city limits of Deadwood. The funds generated from sports betting activities would be put towards “the historic restoration and preservation of Deadwood.”

The legislation is light on details and does not provide any further details on how the industry would be regulated if South Dakota decides to legalise sports betting.

Gambling in South Dakota

South Dakota’s state constitution currently prohibits gambling activities with the exception of keno, roulette, keno, limited card games, slot machines and craps. These gambling activities are only permitted to take place within the city limits of Deadwood.

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