Veikkaus outlines ethical AI guidelines

Finnish monopoly operator Veikkaus has announced the principles for which it will be using artificial intelligence (AI) within its gambling offerings.

The company says that the technology is currently used for digital marketing, ad placement, and audience recommendation generation.

Veikkaus also mentioned a number of other areas in which it uses AI, but said that any future use of the technology is subject to its ethical regulations.

Open communication needed

When commenting on the use of AI within its business, Finland’s main operator said that it will provide open communication on how it uses the technology. Moreover, it will be clear in how AI will be used for the sake of achieving its business objectives.

Veikkaus was also wary of issues related to data protection. The company said that all use of the technology will only happen if all information is protected both when it comes to storage and processing.

The operator said: “The ethical principles of Veikkaus’ artificial intelligence cover both machine-learning artificial intelligence that learns independently from data and rule-based artificial intelligence that enables automation.

“We strive to provide a responsible gaming environment by identifying and responding to anomalous customer behaviour.”

What else does Veikkaus use AI for?

The Helsinki-headquartered operator also mentioned that it uses AI for customer support functions, such as chatbots.

The technology of this kind is also used for various player protection and legal measures. These include identifying potential cases of money laundering, as well as keeping an eye on potential abuses to the system.

AI is also used by Veikkaus to process invoices that occur on a regular basis.

Responsible measures

Veikkaus has said that it will continue to monitor how it uses AI and make sure that this happens responsibly. Moreover, every AI app or machine learning model has a dedicated manager. This is to make sure that compliance with its guidelines is achieved.

The Finnish operator also mentioned that it mainly uses AI to improve the services it offers to players across the country. It is not used to change game outcomes that do not favour customers, nor is its use intended for cross-selling opportunities.

This month, Veikkaus also strengthened its player safety commitments. All players will now be subjected to mandatory ID controls to ensure they are protected while playing online. Logging in is mandatory for all online slots games, and there will also be more self-exclusion possibilities if needed.

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