Wyoming Senate passes sports betting bill

Legislation to regulate sports betting in the US state of Wyoming has passed through the Senate after a third reading. 

The Senate passed the reviewed version of House Bill 0133 (HB0133) relatively comfortably, with 245 voting in favour. 

After going through its latest stage, the legislation will now be handed back to the House of Representatives. 

What would regulated sports betting consist of in Wyoming? 

The bill would regulate sports betting in the Cowboy State, which would be regulated by the Wyoming Gaming Commission. 

Permits would be valid for five years after an operator obtains a licence. Operators looking to receive the green light to offer their services here would need to pay $100,000. 

Upon each renewal, operators would need to pay an extra $50,000. 

Sports betting revenue would be taxed at 10% on a monthly basis. 

The state’s Gaming Commission would be responsible for implementing any fees and penalties. It would also need to set market rules, and collect taxes before distributing these. 

Sports betting would be permitted through online and mobile channels. 

While the legal age in most states for sports betting is 21, it would only be 18 in Wyoming. 

The story so far 

The House had originally chosen to reject the bill earlier in March. However, it was given a second chance and narrowly passed. 

In the Senate, there was very little opposition. Only one person voted against the legislation.

Nearby states having regulated markets might have prompted Wyoming lawmakers to move forward with the bill. Montana, South Dakota, and Colorado have all legalised the vertical in some way, shape, or form. 

Some legislation supporters argued that Colorado’s regulated market, which has been live since last year, has resulted in tax money going over there instead. 

Sports betting continues to grow across the US 

Sports betting is continuing to expand across the US. Voters in South Dakota opted to give the green light to legislation in November 2020, before the bill passed through the house. 

Elsewhere, New York has considered regulating mobile sports betting this year. However, it has an uphill battle if it is to become a reality. 

In addition to South Dakota, three other states have passed sports betting legislation but are waiting for their markets to go live. These are Washington, Louisiana and Maryland. 

Overall, sports betting is regulated in some kind of way across 21 states – plus the capital Washington DC. 

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