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Looking for an unrivalled live betting experience? Our list of the top in-play betting sites is filled with the best live odds, in-play markets and live streams available today. Simply compare, sign up make your in-play bets!

The number of pre-match betting opportunities available to bettors these days is seemingly limitless. The best online betting sites cover thousands of top sporting events every week, each with comprehensive market coverage. While you’ll almost never run out of betting options with the current pre-match offering at these sportsbooks, the introduction of in-play betting opens up a whole new world of betting opportunities for bettors.

Betting in-play offers greater flexibility, entertainment and more opportunities to win big, live! Want to take advantage of these perks? Not sure where to start? Our beginner’s guide to live betting should give you a nudge in the right direction.

Beginner’s guide to live betting

Get better odds!

Astute bettors sometimes find that the best opportunities arise once the match has kicked off. Take soccer, for example. The betting odds on a heavy favourite are almost never that enticing. To get a better price, many wait for a certain amount of time to pass. In this time, the favourite could concede a surprise goal to the underdog, or the score could simply remain at deadlock. Either way, live odds shift as the game goes on, in reaction to the events that take place. In these instances, you could back the favourite in-play and get much better odds.

Of course, things could go the opposite way – the favourite could take an early lead and the odds would become even shorter, but it’s all about picking and choosing the right opportunities across each sport. Savvy bettors find that live betting is extremely profitable thanks to the variety of opportunities that arise over the course of a sporting season, whether it’s a top tennis player losing the first set, or a David vs Goliath boxing fight with the champion on the ropes.

Live betting markets

As you can imagine, there are a huge number of live betting markets on offer. Of course, these largely depend on sport and your choice of bookmaker, but they undoubtedly provide bettors with the most immersive betting experience, dropping you right into the heart of the action. All you need to do is predict what will happen next.

Traditional markets

The pre-match markets that were on offer before things kicked off will still available, but the betting odds will fluctuate as the action unfolds. This means you’ll be able to place live bets on markets such as the match result, as well as goalscorer markets in soccer and points total markets in basketball.

In-play markets

While there are some great opportunities to win in the traditional live betting markets, the biggest rewards often lie in the more unique markets that are reserved solely for live betting. Here, you’re essentially betting on what happens next here, whether it’s the next goal scorer in hockey, the next throw-in of a particular soccer match or the first team to score 20 points in basketball. These can be pretty tough to call, but the potential rewards are well worth the risk. There’s an endless list of options when you consider the number of sports available at the best online betting sites.

Live streams & statistics

If you’re not keeping up with the events of the match while it’s in play, it’ll be hard to make well-informed decisions when adding to your bet slip. Fortunately, a number of top betting sites offer handy high definition streaming platforms, allowing you to watch some of top sporting events and place live bets all in one place! On top of this, virtually every top sportsbook features a live match console. These almost always feature real-time match statistics and often also provide a live visualization of the match – both great ways to keep your finger on the pulse when live streams aren’t available.

Bet anywhere

Mobile devices are arguably the most convenient way to place your bets these days and this is no difference when it comes to live betting. Whether you’re at the match or out watching the game with friends, you’ll always be just a few taps away from some amazing live betting opportunities. We’ve made sure that our list of the best live betting sites offer a first-class mobile-friendly site or mobile betting app, so you’ll never miss out on a chance to win big on live betting!

Compare top sportsbooks

Now that you know what to look out for when it comes to live betting, it’s time for you to choose a top online betting site to place your bets with. Our review team has scoured the internet for the best in-play offerings such as free bets and exclusive bonuses, and compiled these competitive bookmakers into a top list with the occasional betting tip.

Our list is jam-packed with the best live betting markets, tips and odds. Plus, we only work with licensed online bookmakers, so whichever site you choose, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re betting a site that’s safe, fair and trustworthy.

Still, the choice largely comes down to personal preference. We all have different betting needs – choosing the best live betting site is about finding the complete package that suits you. When looking for your best bet, there are a few other features to consider:

Betting Bonuses

Bonuses allow you to make a wager without burning a hole in your pocket. New customers can take advantage of a number of welcome bonuses, free bets, enhanced odds and our top live betting sites don’t disappoint. Compare the bonuses on offer and claim one that suits your betting style.


Once the dust settles and you have used your welcome bonus has been used, you’ll want to know that there’s something worth coming back for. Fortunately, the sites you’ll find here offer some of the best promotions on the market, including price boosts on in-play betting markets and the ability to make full and partial cash-outs on live bets.

Payment options

The best live betting sites you’ll find here provide a range of banking options that allow you to easily make fast deposits. You can choose from Interac and iDebit to Visa and paysafecard.  The speed of withdrawals and number of payment methods vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, so be sure to check out our expert bookmaker reviews to find a site that meets all your needs.

Place your in-play bets

Live betting is a fantastic way to liven up any sporting event. It’s more intense and thrilling than traditional pre-match betting. The margins are finer but the rewards can be greater. Do you have what it takes to be a top live sports bettor? If you’re up for the challenge, compare the top live betting sites from our list, get signed up and start betting today!



Your Questions Answered

How do I place an in-play bet?

The method is exactly the same as placing a pre-match bet. You simply click on the price to add to your betslip, choose your stake and place your bet. The only difference here is that prices are constantly changing as the game takes place.

Can I place a live betting accumulator?

Yes. Simply add selections to your betslip – just like you would with a regular accumulator – choose your stake and place your bet. Be wary that prices often fluctuate massively. Just a slight change in the odds of just a few markets in a 10-fold accumulator, for example, could have a significant impact on the overall price of the accumulator.

Do bookmakers offer any special live betting promotions?

Yes. However, these offers are usually extremely time-sensitive, which means they are generally promoted via email or through the bookmaker’s app (via push notifications).

Do online betting sites ever suspend an in-play market before the end of an event?

Yes. When match-changing incidents occur, such as red cards in soccer and touchdowns in football, in-play markets are temporarily suspended. In most other instances, markets remain open until the end of the match.

Can I watch live streams on betting sites for free?

While it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever be charged to watch a live stream at one of the top live betting sites on our list, there are certain requirements you may have to fulfill to gain access to a stream. Fortunately, these are often as simple as having a funded account.

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