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With so many sports markets on offer these days, you’re sure to find a bet that you fancy all throughout the week. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Our sports betting tips will show you what to look out for before you start adding to your bet slip.

Our Tips for Betting on Sport

Find the best odds

Odds are arguably the most important factor when deciding where to place your bets. Who wouldn’t want the best return for their bet? It’s a no-brainer for us – finding the best value for money is our top tip if you’re looking to become a successful sports bettor. If you’re not sure where to start, our expert sportsbook reviews include all the need-to-know information when it comes to odds. You can even visit a few of the sportsbooks on our specially curated list and compare the odds on upcoming sporting events such as the Super Bowl. A small increase in odds can add up over the long run – the additional potential winnings are well worth the extra effort.

Do your research

If you’re feeling lucky, you could probably pick a bunch of favourites and land a decent winner from time to time, but it literally pays to do some research when placing sports bets. Plus, if you know a little bit more about the event you’re betting on, you’ll probably feel a lot more confident when you decide to have a punt.

Here’s another tip – consider these factors when placing sports bets:

  • Form – Your pick might be one of the best in their sport, but have recent results gone their way? If not, you might want to steer clear – there’s nothing worse than placing a bet on a team to win during a bad run.
  • Head-to-Head Stats – Whether it’s a US Open final or a huge NHL tie, you’ll find there are marquee matchups which present no clear advantage to either side. If the bookies can’t pick a favourite, you’re probably wondering how anyone else can. Some rely on gut instincts alone, but we’d recommend taking a look at recent head-to-head stats. If a team or individual has their opponent’s number, it could be well worth backing them to win.
  • Schedule & Team News – At certain points in most team sport seasons, the matches come thick and fast. To avoid fatigue, coaches field reserve players and performance levels usually take a hit. It pays to check the team news – you never know when a sports club will decide to field a weakened team!

Less is more

Sure, that ambitious parlay bet could win you a huge amount of money, but your chances of winning may be pretty slim. Instead, we’d recommend that you stick to parlays with 4 legs or less. While it’s always tempting to try and get rich quick, betting on a smaller number of outcomes is usually the smart move in the long run.

Don’t chase your losses

After you lose a bet, it can often be tempting to try and win that money back as soon as possible. With so many upcoming and in-play markets available throughout the week, you’ll never be short of options either. However, this is where your losses can start to pile up. You could quite easily burn a hole in your pocket trying to win your money back, so be sure to set limits and stick to them – there’ll always be another day full of great sports fixtures.

Place your bets!

Now that you’ve got all our top tips for sports betting, you should be ready to head to the betting sites confident of landing a winner. Not sure where to place your bets? Check out our list of the very best online sportsbooks – it’s packed with great welcome bonuses, free bets and promos. You’re sure to find a favourite!


If I follow these betting tips am I guaranteed to make a profit?

No. Our betting tips are simply a guide to making smart, educated bets at your online bookmaker. It would be impossible to be certain of the outcome of any match, so you’re never guaranteed to make a profit.

Can I trust sports betting tips from online tipsters?

There are a huge number of betting tips sites and social media pages that claim to provide expert sports betting tips, however you should be wary about following these tips. While a tipster might have a great success rate, there’s no guarantee that this record will continue into the future. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having a punt based on a tip, but it’s always a good idea to do your own research, rather than blindly following betting tips.

Can I win using the Martingale betting system?

While it is possible that you could make a profit using this system, we believe it should be avoided. This method basically entails you doubling your stakes following losing an even-money bet, allowing you to recoup your losses. A run of bad luck is entirely possible and could result in some huge losses.

How far in advance should I place my bets?

While there’s nothing to say you can’t place bets on markets as soon as they are available (usually a few weeks in advance), our top tip is to wait till matchday to place your bets. Starting lineups are announced on matchday and have a huge bearing on the final result. It’s impossible to predict how events in the run-up to the game will unfold – injuries, suspensions and form will have a huge impact your pick’s chances of winning.

Can you get banned for using football tips?

It is highly unlikely that a sportsbook will be aware of whether or not a player is using betting tips, let alone issue a ban. Following football tips is perfectly legal and do not violate the terms and conditions of top bookmakers, as it is impossible to guarantee the outcome of any match.

What is in-play betting?

Also known as ‘live betting’, these are bets placed after an event has started and up to its conclusion. These markets allow you to react what’s happening as you watch a live event.

Can I place limits on my sportsbook account to prevent problem gambling?

Yes. Pretty much every top sportsbook offers support and various other measures to combat problem gambling. You’ll be able to set deposit limits and loss limits to ensure that you’ll never end up losing more than you can afford to.

What is the most popular betting market?

The most popular market in sport is undoubtedly the match result, which allows you to bet on the outcome of the event – win or lose. In some sports, like soccer, you can also bet on the match ending as a draw.

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