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Bet Calculator

Crunching the numbers just got a lot easier with our new online bet calculator.

Betting can be simple – “I’ll stick £10 on United to win” – but if you peel back the layers there is plenty of mathematics and complexity to consider. This is particularly true if you’re looking at accumulators, each way bets or other more exotic kinds of wagering.

Our free betting calculator does what all good calculators should – takes your inputs and gives you a simple answer. In this case, we’ve focused on each way betting, but there are a number of other calculators currently in development for you to try – watch this space.

Each Way Betting Calculator

# Outcome Odds Place Odds Rule 4
Total Outlay Total Return Total Profit

Other bet calculators currently in development include:

  • Accumulator calculator
  • Double bet calculator
  • Treble bet calculator
  • Trixie calculator
  • Yankee calculator
  • + more

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