Responsible Gambling Roadmap

As an online gambling comparison site, there are a number of things we must do to ensure we are compliant. These are dictated by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA), and by the Gambling Commission via UK-licensed operators.

Specifically these include:

  • Display significant T&Cs
  • Display 18+ notice
  • Display URL
  • Include link to Gamstop website
  • Do not target under 18s with adverts
  • Do not target certain inappropriate subject matter with adverts or content
  • Do not advertise on websites that target under 18s
  • Comply with the ASA’s CAP code
  • Do not use imagery that appeals to under 18s

Beyond these mandatory measures, we think there are a range of other ways to promote player safety. We are not legally required to pursue these, but as a responsible company we have a duty to do more than the minimum to safeguard those who use our site.

It’s fair to say that there is no perfect consensus on what these extra efforts should look like. That’s why we are publishing our responsible gambling roadmap – to share ideas big and small with the affiliate community and promote discussion. It will also keep us honest and ensure we continue to progress our own player safety efforts.

Responsible Gambling Roadmap

Here is our roadmap. We will update with more details and ideas over time, and also indicate which initiatives we have completed.

  1. Where users enter intended deposit amount, set triggers for additional messaging – when content is personalised based on intended deposit inputs, consider how to respond to deposit levels that meet certain criteria
  2. Create responsible gambling video content – building on the idea of bringing RG content to life. Use video to explore ways to ensure messages land.
  3. Add IP restrictions – prevent users accessing other country versions of which may contain operators without an appropriate local licence
  4. Ensure our team has completed responsible gambling training – important to ensure good understanding of player safety and how it applies to all roles that affect the user experience on Compare.betDone
  5. Build a responsible gambling hub – go beyond the standard, single uninteresting ‘responsible gambling’ page. Create a branded hub with engaging content that cuts through the fluff. Do not include any commercial content or links to main site. Remove main navigation, and ensure this section is solely focused on player safety. Done
  6. Promote RG hub from across the site – find visible ways to promote the content to avoid it being invisible to users – Done
  7. Add ‘exit friction’ to RG hub – get extra confirmation from the user that they want to leave the RG hub and return to the main site – Done
  8. Implement mandatory measures – Done
  9. Regularly donate to Gamble Aware – Done
  10. Be honest when covering topics like ‘how to win’, or ‘tricks’ – even if it makes for less ‘interesting’ content – Done
  11. Do not display operators without an appropriate local licence in locally regulated markets – Done

We would love to see other comparison sites pick up on some of these ideas, and also share their own.

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