LottoKings is a site that brings the very best international lotteries under one roof. With direct access to some of the largest lotteries by total prizes in the world, it’s no wonder this site has gained such popularity in 2024. This range spans across lotteries in South America, Europe, North America and Australia. Few sites are able to boast such global reach, and things get even better than this when looking into the other gaming products.

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Pros and cons

  • Syndicates and raffles available
  • Lotteries from several continents
  • Fully licensed and regulated
  • 20+ lotteries available
  • Only provides lottery gaming

Lottery Coverage

From the moment you land on the LottoKings site, it becomes immediately apparent that the brand caters to lotteries on an international scale. At the time of writing, LottoKings gives members immediate access to more than 20 lotteries from around the globe. While this is quite impressive, the real value that LottoKings provides lies within the number of prizes available on a weekly basis.

Due to the number of lotteries that it covers, members are playing for literally billions in prizes by simply participating, mainly due to available lotteries like Mega Millions and PowerBall, which have a combined total payout of more than £150 million as things currently stand. Obviously these are life-changing jackpots, but it goes without saying that the chances are slim to grab such a huge win.

Besides the enormous lotteries, LottoKings does provide a great deal of variety through its smaller lottery competitions. But these jackpots are still greater than £10 million on average! To name some of these smaller ones that you should get excited about, lotteries such as SuperEnalotto (Italy), La Primitiva (Spain), Mega Sena (Brazil) and Loto (France) are all particularly prominent.

The main advantage of choosing LottoKings for your online lottery site is the international access that it grants. Not only does this provide more opportunities to actually play, but it increases the overall enjoyment of using an online lottery site. Nobody enjoys waiting for days on end for the next lottery draw to roll around and, with LottoKings, you will never have to.

There’s always the community element to using this site too. Being able to participate in syndicates allows you to have some fun with friends, and theoretically increase the chances of a team win. There’s also countless raffles and even scratchcards for you to enjoy while waiting for the next lottery draw. LottoKings really has managed to cover all sorts of bases for online betting.

Welcome Bonus

LottoKings has chosen to go for a different approach for its welcome offer when compared with other lottery focused sites. Unlike other sites where there is a deposit match, free spins or free tickets, LottoKings offers new customers protection on net losses for the first 30 days of play. Interestingly, this isn’t a set amount, the bonus simply states that players will be refunded with their money back if they win absolutely nothing within the first 30 days of being a member.

To be honest, this sounds like a pretty good deal. Basically, you can try and enter as many lotteries or other games as you can during your first month and you are protected by the site itself. We have to say, this is a rather generous welcome offer, even if there is no ‘free cash’ as such on the table.

The refund isn’t just possible for those who are a bit unlucky in the first 30 days either. The welcome offer in fact doubles up as a bit of a ‘satisfaction guarantee’ bonus. At any point before your first 30 days is up, you can file a statement that you are dissatisfied with the site or the product and your money will be refunded. This might seem a bit too good to be true, but we promise you, it isn’t. It’s certainly a unique offer, and with such a guarantee on the cards, it would be a shame to miss out.


For a lottery site, LottKings supports a surprisingly large number of payment methods. There are many sites in the market that merely list one or two options, but LottoKings has gone above and beyond. Interestingly, with this site, there is no minimum deposit or withdrawal stipulation because the site operates as more of an eCommerce type site. You actually need to add tickets to your cart, and then checkout when ready.

Here are the available options you can use with LottoKings:

What’s even better about using LottoKings, especially from a payments perspective, is that the site has a ‘hacker protected’ verification on its site. This means that when you are entering your payment details to buy a ticket, or even to withdraw winnings, all details are fully secured. This is made possible thanks to further factors such as SSL encryption too. Once again, this shows that LottoKings is a site that operates with the utmost integrity at heart.

Coming back to the payments themselves, when you initiate a purchase, it should go through within seconds via LottoKing’s secure checkout system. If you do manage to win some money through your account, you’ll then be faced with the option of how to withdraw funds. In the interest of speed, you’ll likely want to look at using PayPal, Skrill or any of the debit card options.

These typically process the quickest out of all of the available methods, and you’ll receive your winnings within several days.

You can pay by:

Amex, Bank Transfer, Cheque, Entropay, Mastercard, Skrill, Ukash, Visa

You can withdraw by:

Bank Transfer , Cheque , Debit Card , Mastercard , Skrill , Visa


Given that LottoKings is an established and professional lottery site, it goes without saying really that a strong support system is in place. Currently, LottKings provides three options for members to speak with a support representative. These include a live chat system, phone support and on-site contact form. Failing that, there is a large FAQ section where you can find answers to queries relating to payments, logging in, and a whole bunch of other issues.

To actually communicate with a representative, however, you can so through using the details shown right here:

– Phone – +44 808 281 2743
– Email – form on-site
– Live Chat – on the site

LottoKings doesn’t actually provide the hours of operation for its support team, which is a bit unusual, but nothing that will create any major issues. In the interest of receiving help as quickly as possible, we’d highly recommend going for the phone support or live chat options. By choosing these, you should receive help from a representative within a matter of minutes.

The live chat tends to work far better on the desktop site, which is because any drops in the strength of your internet connection can result in the live chat being disconnected on mobile, and this can be quite frustrating.





Restricted Countries




Customer Support

  • Live chat: Y
  • Phone: +44 808 281 2743

Our Verdict

As far as online lottery sites go, LottoKings is definitely up there with some of the best for variety and security. It may fall short on factors such as a lack of instant games and other casino-style games, but if lottery gaming is solely what you’re searching for, they don’t get much better than LottoKings. We love that the site has an international focus and that it gives members direct access to lotteries on several continents.

This is something you just don’t see with other sites, showing that LottoKings has managed to carve out a bit of a unique appeal for new members. It is impossible to describe LottoKings as ‘just another lottery site’, because we believe that the care and attention that has gone into the design, offerings, customer support and security really is second to none.

If you feel like checking out the LottoKings site for yourself, why not open a new account? Remember, you have 30 days after opening your account in which you are fully protected against net losses – so the question is, what do you have to lose?

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