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Looking for the best online poker games? You’re in luck. Our expert review team has found the top poker games to play online. Simply compare sites, pick out a favourite and play today.
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1. Grosvenor Poker
Earn up to 40% Rakeback

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"Enjoy Grosvenor's prowess writ large as the host of the UK's biggest live poker events"
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You will earn two types of points when you play real money games: Status Points (SPs): Status Points dictate your VIP Level. 10 Status Points are earned for every €1 paid in rake/feeCash. Points will expire 12 months after they’ve been earned, should they not be cashed in. Grosvenor Poker’s VIP Club and the rewards that can be enjoyed are provided at the sole discretion of Grosvenor Poker. Grosvenor Poker holds the right to withdraw or change this promotion at any time. 18+. Full T&Cs apply. Please gamble responsibly.
2. Unibet Poker
Deposit and Get £20 extra + £500 Playthrough Bonus

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"Whether you're into Texas Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha, or Banzai Poker, Unibet's got you covered"
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New Customer Offer New Customers Only. £20 extra = one cash game ticket of €8 and 4 x UK Tour tournament tickets of €4. £500 Playthrough bonus = €600. Both bonuses are activated upon first deposit from the poker client. Tickets expire after 35 days and the playthrough bonus after 60. £1 GBP = €1.1875. Selected games only. 18+. Full T&Cs apply. Please gamble responsibly.
3. PokerStars Poker
Deposit £10, Get £50 in Spin & Go Tickets

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"Land £40 in bonus funds when you sign up to the world-renowned Pokerstars"
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New Customer Offer First depositors only. Min. deposit £10 with code SPINANDGO. Tickets credited over 6 days. Expiry after 24 hours. No withdrawal during bonus period. Terms apply. 18+. Full T&Cs apply. Please gamble responsibly.
Highly Trusted 4. 888 Poker
Play With £20 Free

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"With a £20 no deposit welcome bonus, 888 Poker's a great destination for new players"
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New Customer Offer New players only. £20 free bonus: includes $1 immediate bonus & $31 in tournament tickets. Bonus will be granted gradually throughout 7 days after claiming. Each part of the bonus expires after 24 hrs. Immediate bonus may be withdrawn after a player has accumulated 2.5 bonus points for every $1 of the received bonus amount. This offer may not be combined with any other offer. Wagering requirements vary by game 18+. Full T&Cs apply. Please gamble responsibly.
Editor's Choice 5. Partypoker
Get Up to 40% Cashback every week!

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"Partypoker's been in the game long enough to offer everyone a top drawer poker experience"
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New Customer Offer The partypoker Cashback reward programme is straightforward and simple, paying out up to 40% cashback directly into your account every week. There’s no limit to your bonus payment. Once you have achieved the top tier 40% cashback, you’ll continue to earn cashback at that same level for every 200 points you earn! 18+. Full T&Cs apply. Please gamble responsibly.
6. GGPoker
Enjoy 200% up to $600

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"GGPoker holds the world record for the largest prize pool at an online poker tournament"
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New Customer Offer 18+. New players only. Min deposit $10. First deposit, up to a maximum of $300, will count towards their Welcome Bonus amount with no code needed. Play in any poker game counts towards unlocking the bonus cash, which is released in $10 increments. One $10 increment will be released per $20 paid in net rake and/or tournament fees. 18+. Full T&Cs apply. Please gamble responsibly.
PayPal Accepted 7. Paddypower Poker
Enjoy 200% up to £200

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"PaddyPower Poker's download offers a smooth, tactile live poker experience"
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New Customer Offer New Paddy Power Poker accounts only. Deposit min. £10 for Poker Welcome Bonus. Min 5 Twister tournaments to release free £1 Token. Poker Casino bonus up to £100 has x25 wagering requirements, game weighing may apply. Full T&Cs apply. 18+. Full T&Cs apply. Please gamble responsibly.
Great on Mobile 8. Betfair Poker
Spin for a Bonus up to £10,000

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"Bets, Bluffs, and Bonuses' aplenty are par for the course at Betfair Poker"
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New Customer Offer Sign up, create poker nickname and click through displayed free spin message. Deposit/transfer minimum of £10 into the Poker wallet & opt in to unlock missions. See full T&Cs below. 18+. Full T&Cs apply. Please gamble responsibly.
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Poker is one of the more advanced casino games available. It involves a combination of chance, skill and strategy, and is centered around placing a bet on the strength of your hand. While it can take months of poker playing to get your head round all the possible outcomes, strategies and gameplay, there are plenty of games for beginners. Not sure where to begin? The expert review team has scouted out some the best sites offering the top poker games. Use our list to compare operators, find your favourite, and sign up to start playing poker games today!

Poker Game Variations

The Different Poker Game Types

There are a range of poker variations, which can be played at bricks-and-mortar casinos, as well as online. While the basic gameplay rules are similar, they each have their own exceptions and variations that set them apart. Most online poker sites offer more than one poker variant to players, and here are some the most common:

  • Texas Hold’em
    Texas hold’em is the most popular poker game, and is usually the variation of choice for poker tournaments. It’s a community game, which means all players will be able to see a selection of face-up cards on the table, and can be played with 2-10 players. The player with the best five-card hand at the end wins the pot.
  • Omaha
    Omaha is similar to Texas hold’em. Players will be dealt four cards and must use two of them, as well as three out of the five community cards on the table, to make their best hand.
  • Omaha Hi-Lo
    Also known as Omaha High-Low, this poker variation is practically the same as a standard Omaha game. The difference is that, in Omaha Hi-Lo, the pot is shared between the player with the winning best hand and the player with the best qualifying low hand.
  • Stud Poker
    Stud poker sees players dealt a combination of face-up and face-down cards in multiple betting rounds. The number of cards will depend on the number variation you’re playing, which can include five, six and seven-card stud. Players bet after each round and their aim is to be holding the best five-card hand at the end of the poker game.
  • Draw Poker
    Whilst there are a few different variations of ‘draw’ poker, all variations see players dealt a complete hand before the first betting round. The aim is to get the best hand, which can be made by swapping existing cards with cards from the deck, betting after each draw. Five-card draw is often the first variation that new players learn, as it’s considered the most simple.
Poker Hand Rankings

How to Play Poker

Players win poker simply by having a hand that outranks other players’ hands. These hands are compared in the final round, known as the showdown. If two or more players hold the same hand, you then look at the card values to determine which player has the better hand. Hand rankings can vary slightly depending on the variation you’re playing. However, the standard poker hand rankings, from high to low, are as follows:

  • Five of a kind
    Four cards of the same rank— such as four aces— plus a wild
  • Straight flush
    Five cards in sequential order, i.e. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and all of the same suit. The best straight flush— and unbeatable hand— is known as a royal flush, comprising of A, K, Q, J, 10.
  • Four of a kind
    Four cards of the same rank, plus one card of another rank, known as the ‘kicker’. If two players have a four of a kind hand, the highest four cards win. In community card games, the players with the highest ‘kicker’ wins.
  • Full house
    Three cards of one rank, plus two cards of another, matching, rank. In the event of a tie, the highest three matching cards win. In a community game, the player with the highest two matching cards win.
  • Flush
    Five cards of the same suit, such as five diamond cards. Sequential order doesn’t matter. In the event of a tie, the player holding the highest rank card wins, going through each matched card’s value until a higher value is found. If all five cards match, players will split the winnings.
  • Straight
    Five cards in sequential order but not all of the same suit. The highest ranking card at the top of the sequence will win if there’s a tie.
  • Three of a kind
    Three cards of the same rank, plus two cards of two other ranks. These extra cards needn’t match in any way. If more than one player is holding a three of a kind, the highest ranking numbers will win. In community games, the two extra cards’ rankings will be taken into consideration
  • Two pair
    Two cards of one rank, two cards of another matching rank and a final card of a third, unrelated rank. If two or more players have the same highest pair, the highest second pair wins, and the side card will be used to determine wins after that.
  • One pair
    Two cards of the same rank rank, plus three cards each of unrelated ranks. The highest pair will win a tie, and the side card rankings will break a tie after this point.
  • High card
    Any hand that doesn’t fall under these categories. The player holding the highest card wins, and the second, third and fourth-highest cards will be used to break a tie.
Compare & Bet

Ready to Play Online Poker Games?

We’ve run through the most popular poker game variations, as well as the hands you might pick up, so you’re probably keen to get started. Not sure which poker site has the best game options? Check out our list top sites offering the best poker game selection to find your favourite, sign up and get playing!

What's the best poker game for beginners?

Poker newbies usually start with draw poker. It’s the most simple variation and has the most straightforward gameplay. We’d recommend using free demo games to learn the ropes with any poker game before you start betting real money. Once you’re comfortable with draw poker, you’ll be able to try other variations, such as stud poker games and games using community cards.

What are the odds of winning a poker game?

The odds of winning a game of poker will vary, depending on the variation you’re playing, as well as the number of people in your game. You can use a poker odds calculator to calculate this. Simply select the variation you’re playing and select the cards to see the odds of getting that hand.

What are poker tournaments?

Poker tournaments are fast-paced competitions in which players can buy a place in order to compete with other players to win a large cash prize. The top poker sites offer poker tournaments and, whilst Texas hold’em is the most popular tournament variation, it will vary from site to site.

Can I play online poker for free?

Yes. In fact, unless you’re an expert, we’d recommend spending a little time playing free poker games to begin. This can help you get to grips with screen layout and different poker variations before you place any real money on the table. Most top sites offer demo games to give players a taste of the action before they start playing the real thing.

Is online poker safe to play?

Yes, so long as you’re playing with a trustworthy operator. All sites featured on are regulated by governing bodies, such as the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), which means they’re held to high standards when it comes to player protection and security. You’ll be in safe hands if you’re playing with one of our recommended operators.

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