Sports Betting in Mississippi

Your Ultimate Guide to Mississippi Sports Betting Legislation. Find Out Where to Bet, Which Sports to Bet On & More

Beginner’s guide to Mississippi betting sites

In 2017, Magnolia State lawmakers repealed a law that prohibited sports betting in the state, and the repeal of PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) in June 2018 meant that this change in legislation could come into play. Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, in Biloxi, and the Gold Strike Casino Resort, in Tunica, were the first sportsbooks in Mississippi to take wagers on 1 August 2018. The legalisation of sports betting in Mississippi certainly proved popular, with Mississippi sportsbooks taking $44.5 million in hande in November- just a few months after the new legislation came into action.

Where to bet on sports in Mississippi

Sports betting in Mississippi is currently only legal at the state’s land-based and water-based casinos, many of which have partnered with the likes of DraftKings and FanDuel to offer sports betting markets. While there aren’t yet any legal Mississippi betting sites, it is legal for punters to place bets using mobile apps whilst on casino property, though the sportsbook at Pearl River Resort is the only location to have plans to implement this.

Sports betting isn’t yet available at all of the state’s casinos, but any operator that holds a Mississippi gaming licence may apply for the right to offer sports betting markets. There are around 30 sportsbooks in operations across the state, but it’s Tunica and Biloxi that remain the most popular gambling destinations.

However, it’s not just state-owned Mississippi sportsbooks that offer legal sports betting. Two of the state’s tribal casinos, The Golden Moon and Silver Star Hotel —both owned by the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians— also allow residents to make wagers on their favourite sports.

Bet on these sports in Mississippi

You can bet on pretty much every major sport, at both professional and college level. All Mississippi sportsbooks offer markets on US sporting events, such as NFL, NBA and MLB. However, it’s possible that, as sports betting spreads across America, you’ll be able to bet on international sporting events, including the Premier League and Formula 1. This means that, whether you want to bet on Manchester United, the Lakers or Ole Miss, the best Mississippi sportsbooks will make this possible. Of course, the exact sports on offer will vary between sportsbooks, so be sure to compare the offerings before you sign up. The best Mississippi sportsbooks also offer a variety of different markets, from straight bets to money lines and futures to propositions.

After the legalization of sports betting in Mississippi, lawmakers passed a bill to legalize a state lottery. This means that residents will soon be able to bet on lottery games, too.

Online sports betting

Online sports betting, as well as online casino gambling, is illegal in Mississippi. However, whilst punters cannot place bets at Mississippi sports betting sites, it is legal to play daily fantasy sports games and games of skill online. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this either. Mississippi law states that even if a sports betting site is legal in another jurisdiction, it’s still illegal to use the site to bet on sports within Mississippi state borders.

This isn’t to say that there won’t be Mississippi betting sites in the future. There has been an initiative to legalize online poker since 2012 and, if this becomes reality, it’s possible that other forms of online gambling could be legalized in the state.

Mississippi sports betting taxes

Mississippi sports betting revenue is taxed in the same way as other gambling industries within the state: at 12%. This is split in two: 8% of revenue goes to the state and 4% to the local government.

But it’s not just Mississippi sportsbooks that are subject to tax; punters are also responsible for paying taxes on any winnings they make from sports betting. Of course, all US sports bettors are required to pay tax on any winnings, as they’re classed as taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), but the amount you’re taxed depends on which tax bracket you’re in.

According to Kathy Waterbury, a spokesperson for the Department of Revenue, Mississippi punters must pay taxes when “winnings that are greater than $600 and the odds are greater than 300 to 1. If the winnings do not meet these thresholds, then the winnings are subject to income tax at the time of filing the annual income tax return. The winnings [are also] offset by any gaming losses.”

Compare and bet

Want to get in on the Mississippi sports betting action? While current law means you’ll need to visit one of the state’s licensed sportsbooks to make bets, it is possible that you’ll be able to wager at sports betting sites in the future. You can count on to bring you the very best Mississippi betting sites as and when they appear.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the legal betting age in Mississippi?

You’ll need to be 21 to bet on sports and play casino games and poker in Mississippi, but residents can play poker from the age of 18.

Can I bet on sports in Mississippi using my mobile?

Technically yes, but there are exceptions. While the law permits bettors to use a phone app to bet on sports at casinos, this isn’t widely available at Mississippi sportsbooks. The legislation doesn’t currently allow Mississippi residents to bet using a mobile app outside of casinos.

Is it safe to bet on sports in Mississippi?

Yes, providing you’re betting at a legal sportsbook. Legal Mississippi sportsbooks are regulated by the Mississippi Gaming Commission, which monitors gambling operators to ensure that they’re providing a safe and fair gambling environment for players, whether they’re betting on sports or playing casino games and poker.

What else can I bet on in Mississippi?

Sports betting isn’t the only type of legal gambling in Mississippi. Residents can also play a number of different casino games. Mississippi lawmakers also voted to legalize a state lottery, which is expected to begin in 2019. It’s currently only legal to gamble at land-based establishments, though the possibility of online casinos and sports betting sites is not ruled out for the future.

What are the best tips for sports betting in Mississippi?

While exact betting tips will vary, depending on the sport you bet on, there are a few factors you should bear in mind. Whether you’re a first-time sports bettor or sports wagering pro, it’s important that you understand betting odds before you wager, and that you never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Daniel Bennett
Daniel Bennett
Posted on 30th January 2019 3:22pm