Are Sports Betting Sites Legal in New Jersey?

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Legal sports betting has finally arrived in New Jersey ! The US Supreme Court revealed its decision to end the five-year case to legalise betting on sports in the Garden State which had cost the state $8.6 million in total. So what does this mean for sports bettors in the state? Let’s take a closer look.

 The prohibition fell in May 2018, and Governor Phil Murphy had signed the bill to legalise sports betting in New Jersey by 14th June. This meant that NJ residents didn’t have to wait on the sidelines for long before they could join punters around the world betting on their favourite sports teams- in fact the first legal wagers were placed the same month.

History of the case

The first legal steps to challenge the 1992 federal act banning sports betting were taken in 2009 by Senator Ray Lesniak, suggesting that legal sports betting could actually contribute to annual tax revenue . However, his attempts to legalise the activity were blocked by the courts in 2013 after major sports leagues including the NFL and NBA appealed, creating a battle between sports leagues and the state.

In 2014, Governor Chris Christie argued for the legalisation of sports betting once more, arguing that repealing a prohibition is different to passing a new law. However, once again, national sporting leagues appealed, which lead to the US District Court ruling that constitutional law supersedes state law.

After NJ appealed, in vain, twice more, the state appeals to the US Supreme Court, who agreed to hear the case. January 2017 is where the ball really started moving, when the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments from both the state and sports leagues on the case. Hearings continued until May 2018, when courts revealed that New Jersey had won the case.

Land-based vs. online betting

Land-based sportsbooks didn’t hesitate when the New Jersey sports betting ban was lifted, with Monmouth Park racetrack and Borgata opening for legal sports wagers on the day the bill was signed. In fact, Governor Murphy was the first punter to place a legal wager at Monmouth Park. Ocean Resort Casino opened for legal sports betting later in June. Online sports betting wasn’t far behind, made legal just 30 days after the initial bill was signed. This means New Jersey punters will have the opportunity to place their wagers on their favourite sports in the comfort of their own home, though there aren’t yet any sports betting sites available.

Licensing and regulations

Sports betting, like all other legal gambling in New Jersey, is regulated by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) . The DGE ensures the security and wellbeing of bettors, whether they’re betting at bricks and mortar bookies or at sports betting sites. This involves ensuring that bookmakers are providing customers with a fair and safe sports betting experience.

Sports betting markets

This decision, made in May 2018, means that New Jersey residents can now enjoy the same sports betting opportunities as other punters around the world. Sports bettors will have the chance to bet on all professional sports from the NBA to UFC and everything in between. Sports bettors will also be able to bet on a selection of college sports that take place across the US.

Sports betting taxes

With the legalisation of sports betting comes the taxing of casinos and racetracks , and these taxes vary for in-person and online sports betting. Casinos are currently taxed 8.5% on revenue from bets made in-person and 13% for any online bet revenue. Racetracks are subject to slightly higher taxes for online bets, at 14.25% and are taxed 8.5% for in-person bets on horse racing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can New Jersey sports bettors place bets online?

Given that online sports betting in New Jersey was only legalised in July 2018, it’s not yet possible for residents to place online sports bets. This is, however, expected to change, meaning bettors will have access to similar bonuses available at other online casino sites. You can expect to find unbiased reviews of the top New Jersey sportsbooks at when they do become available.

Can anyone over 21 bet on sports in New Jersey?

Yes. However, owners and key members of sports leagues and franchises are forbidden from placing bets on the league they’re associated with.

Is my money safe betting with New Jersey sportsbooks?

Yes. The legalisation of sports betting in New Jersey allows the DGE to regulate the fairness of casinos, ensuring that bettors’ money is protected.

Can I place bets on all college sports in New Jersey?

New Jersey sports bettors can bet on a wide variety of American college sports events, but there are exceptions. For example, you may not bet on NCAA (National College Athletics Association) events held at New Jersey venues or involving New Jersey college teams. It is also forbidden to bet on Rutgers and Seton Hall state schools.

Can I guarantee a win on New Jersey sports betting?

Unfortunately not. There are plenty of betting tipsters claiming to have the secret to betting on sports, whether that’s hockey, golf or football. However, in reality, it’s impossible to guarantee a winning bet. Even if you place your money on the bookie’s favourite, there’s still a chance the underdog will pull through- it’s this risk that makes sports betting so thrilling. We suggest doing plenty of research into sport history and recent player performance so that your bets are well-informed.

Daniel Bennett
Daniel Bennett
Posted on 8th August 2018 11:07am