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Vermont Sports Betting

Looking for the latest on sports betting in Vermont? You’re in the right place! Currently, gambling is mostly prohibited in the Green Mountain State — you’ll find all the relevant details below, courtesy of our experts at

Legality of Gambling in Vermont

As the law stands currently, most forms of gambling are illegal in Vermont. There is an exception — games of chance, such as bingos, raffles, and card games, may be run by non-profit organizations, provided all proceeds are used exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, or civic purposes. There is also a state-run lottery.

What does that mean for would-be bettors in the state? Unfortunately, all casino gaming and sports betting is prohibited in Vermont. The possession of gambling equipment such as slot machines is also explicitly banned by state laws.

That said, change could be on the horizon. Vermont lawmakers recently developed a proposal to legalize sports betting in the state, driven by reports that doing so could generate millions of dollars in tax revenue. There is also evidence of illegal gambling operations which have caused Vermonters to lose thousands, something which advocates of legalized sports betting claim wouldn’t happen in a regulated market. Naturally, there are many who are concerned about the dangers of legalizing gambling, but the general consensus suggests Vermont is closer than it’s ever been to doing so.

The proposal will be presented before the Statehouse in the summer of 2022 — rest assured we’ll keep you informed of all the latest developments!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sports betting legal in Vermont?

No, not currently. There has been a push among lawmakers recently to move towards legalization, so this could change in the future.

Is lottery legal in Vermont?

Yes. Vermonters may take part in the state-run lottery or in games of chance run by non-profits or charitable organizations.

Are casinos legal in Vermont?

No, not currently — but if Vermont lawmakers decide to legalize sports betting, there’s a strong chance we’ll see the same for casino gaming.