Record Breaking: Red Bulls surpass 11k season tickets sold for 2016

The New York Red Bulls are not only ahead of last year’s record season ticket renewal pace, but they have already set a Red Bull Arena record for total season tickets sold — six months before the kickoff of the 2016 season.

According to well placed sources, the Red Bulls have surpassed 11,000 season tickets sold for 2016 — a Red Bull Arena record. To put that number into perspective, the 2014 record-breaking renewal drive ultimately resulted in just north of 10,000 season tickets for the entirety of 2015.

The numbers are impressive, and even more so when put into context. Through September of last year, the Red Bulls acquired 7,500 renewals. This year, they broke 10k by month’s end. Their highly respectable 75% renewal rate in 2014 also set a franchise record. That has been crushed by their 2015 drive, with 85% renewal of the current season ticket holder crop.

By comparison, New York City FC are said to have renewed a respectable 50% of their season ticket base to this point.

Delving further into these numbers, the Red Bulls have re-committed roughly 8,500 of their current STH base just two months into their eight month 2016 renewal drive. Even without the 1,500 holdovers, the team has been able to break franchise records on the back of approximately 2,500 new members.

With six months to go until the 2016 campaign, there is no reason to believe that number won’t grow.

While impressive, the 11,000 STH number is not a franchise record. The all-time Metro/Red Bull record remains their inaugural 1996 season, where the club sold upwards of 18,000 season tickets at Giants Stadium.

Archived content originally from by Dave Martinez

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