MLS files trademark registration for New York City F.C.

Reports over the past several days cite sources close to the situation claiming Manchester City of Premier League fame are the front runners in the high stakes race to own Major League Soccer’s proposed second New York team. According to the stories, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan would pursue a franchise of “City” teams in different leagues. Following Manchester City’s lead, the local side would simply be named “New York City F.C.”

The above is a sceenshot uncovered by the former MLS Rumors group. It is a trademark registration file claiming first use to the term “New York City F.C.” This goes along with another recent trademark registration by the league for the term “City F.C.” which would more than likely be the abbreviated term for this proposed side.

Though Manchester City continue to deny the rumors, this certainly builds upon the speculation. Keep in mind; this doesn’t necessarily confirm their place as the 20th MLS franchise. MLS have filed other terms – most notably, Empire FC – that could be put into use in the future. Other groups continue to vie for that spot as well, though none would likely hold the monetary sway of a Manchester City.

To understand the trademark process, EoS reached out to a specialist in the field who explained the terms of use for these applications. If you want to learn more about that, here is the link.

Archived content originally from by Dave Martinez

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