Nevada sportsbooks took $571m in wagers in September

Sportsbooks in the state of Nevada took $571m in wagers in September, setting a new record for the amount wagered on sports in the state.

Nevada sportsbooks saw a combined revenue of over $56m, another record-breaking figure for the state of Nevada.

Breaking down the figures, football was the most popular sport to bet on with almost $389m being wagered on the sport.

Sportsbook revenue from football alone was $44.3m making up over half of the total revenue for sportsbooks.

Parlay bets were also a big earner for the state’s sportsbooks.

Bettors in the state of Nevada wagered over $11m in parlays with sportsbooks holding onto $6.8m of the bets placed.

On the baseball front, bettors wagered over $131m with sportsbooks holding onto just over $4m of the bets placed.

The figures reported by the Nevada Gaming Control Board indicate that this has been the best performing month for Nevada sportsbooks in history.

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