Nevada sportsbooks won a record $301m in 2018

Figures released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) indicate that sportsbooks in Nevada have had their best year to date.

In 2018, Nevada’s 191 sports betting venues took over $5bn in sports bets setting a new record for the state.

Out of the $5bn wagered on sports, Nevada sportsbooks generated a total of $301m, setting a new record for the state’s sportsbooks.

This marks the ninth year in a row that the state’s sports betting handle has grown. In 2017 Nevada sportsbooks handled a total of $4.8bn in bets.

Diving deeper into the figures, football was the most popular sport to bet on. Bettors wagered about $1.8bn on football events and sportsbooks held on to $102.4m.

Basketball was the second most popular sport to bet on in Nevada with sportsbooks accepting $1.5bn in bets. out of those basketball bets, sportsbooks held onto $99.6m.

Baseball was the next sport of choice in 2018 with bettors wagering a total of $1bn on the sport. Baseball bets generated a total of $47.1m for Nevada sportsbooks.

Looking at December’s sports betting figures, sportsbooks in Nevada reported combined revenues of $44.1m, an improvement on November’s revenue of $27m.

The figures for sports betting in Nevada made up a small chunk of the state’s total gambling revenue which exceeded $11.9bn.

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