North Dakota lawmakers to introduce two sports betting bills

Two sports betting bills are set to be introduced by state lawmakers for the 2019 North Dakota legislative session.

Both Representative Jason Docktor and Representative Thomas Beadle have plans to introduce similar bills.

At this moment in time, both representatives are working on bills that permit sports betting through one of the state’s charitable organizations. This is because in North Dakota only charitable gambling and tribal gambling is permitted.

Beadle’s bill, however, will only permit wagering on professional sports and not collegiate sports.

Depending on how Beadle’s bill is received, Docktor may choose to introduce legislation that could change the state constitution and allow commercial sports betting.

According to a report from Prairie Public News, Docktor said that under his bill, charities will be allowed to run sports betting and that they would likely work with third-party vendors to set up phone apps and kiosks.

Prairie Public News quoted Docktor as saying: “People are already doing it online, let’s just be honest.”

The bills will not touch on taxation or fees, Docktor has said that these topics can be handled through a separate bill or through the Attorney General’s office.

The state legislative session lasts 80 days and if any law is passed, it will take effect on 1 August 2019.

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