NBA Championship Winner Odds 2021

Who will lift the Larry O’Brien trophy at the end of the NBA season? Get the latest odds and see how they’ve changed over the course of the season.

With the trade deadline and all-star break behind us, we’re well into the business end of the 2020-21 NBA season. Our NBA Championship odds page offers the latest odds and a detailed odds history, showing how each participant’s chances have been rated by the bookies since the end of the trade deadline.

We also track the following betting markets – take a look to see current odds and trends over time:

NBA Championship Winner – Latest Updates Impacting Odds & Favourites:

  • 21st July – The Milwaukee Bucks win the NBA Championship with a 4-2 series victory over the Phoenix Suns.
  • 19th July – Odds are shortened on Milwaukee after their Game 5 victory over Phoenix. Milwaukee is now the bookies’ favourite to win the title.
  • 15th July – Odds are shortened on Milwaukee after their Game 4 victory over Phoenix.
  • 12th July – Odds are shortened on Milwaukee after their Game 3 victory over Phoenix.
  • 9th July – Bookies shorten odds on Phoenix after their Game 2 victory over Milwaukee.
  • 7th July – Bookies shorten odds on Phoenix after their Game 1 victory over Milwaukee.
  • 5th July – Betting is suspended on the Atlanta Hawks after they are eliminated by Milwaukee. Bookies shorten odds on Phoenix and Milwaukee. Phoenix is the bookies’ favourite going into the NBA Finals.
  • 2nd July – Betting is suspended on the Los Angeles Clippers after they are eliminated by the Phoenix Suns. Bookies shorten odds on Phoenix. Bookies also shorten odds on Milwaukee after their Game 5 victory puts them one game away from a finals matchup with Phoenix.
  • 30th June – Phoenix emerge as the bookies’ latest favourite after Giannis Antetokounmpo exits Game 4 early with a hyperextended left knee. Bookies significantly lengthen odds on Milwaukee. Antetokounmpo will undergo further imaging on his knee to determine the severity of his injury.
  • 28th June – Milwaukee overtake Phoenix as the bookies’ favourite after they take a 2-1 lead against Atlanta. Bookies lengthen odds on Atlanta, Phoenix and the Clippers.
  • 24th June – Odds are shortened on Phoenix and Atlanta after taking 2-0 and 1-0 series leads, respectively. Bookies shorten odds on Milwaukee and the Clippers.
  • 21st June – Bookies shorten odds on Milwaukee and Atlanta after both teams advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. Betting is suspended on Utah, Brooklyn and Philadelphia after being eliminated. Bookies also shorten odds on Phoenix after a Game 1 victory over the Clippers in the Western Conference Finals. Milwaukee are now the bookies’ favourite, followed by Phoenix.
  • 18th June – Atlanta win two games in a row to take a 3-2 series lead over Philadelphia while Milwaukee and Brooklyn are tied at 3-3. Odds are shortened on Phoenix, Atlanta, Milwaukee and Brooklyn. Bookies lengthen odds on Utah after the Los Angeles Clippers take a 3-2 series lead.
  • 14th June – Bookies shorten odds on Phoenix after they eliminate Denver. Betting on Denver is suspended. Odds are also shortened on Milwaukee after they win two straight games to tie the series 2-2 with Brooklyn. Brooklyn’s probability with the bookies takes a huge dip.
  • 10th June – Bookies shorten odds on Brooklyn and Phoenix after they both take a 2-0 lead over Milwaukee and Denver respectively, whose odds are lengthened. Utah’s odds are shortened after going 1-0 up against the Clippers, whose odds are lengthened. Odds are shortened for Philadelphia after they tie their series with Atlanta 1-1. Odds are lengthened for Atlanta. 
  • 7th June – Odds are shortened on Brooklyn and Atlanta after progressing from the first round and taking 1-0 leads in their respective conference semi-finals series. Bookies lengthen odds for their respective opponents Milwaukee and Philadelphia. Bookies also shorten odds for first-round series winners Utah, Phoenix, Denver and the Los Angeles Clippers. Betting is suspended on the Lakers, Dallas and Portland as they are all eliminated from the playoffs.
  • 3rd June – Bookies shorten odds on series winners Atlanta, Brooklyn and Utah, as well as Phoenix, Denver and Dallas, with all three teams leading 3-2.  Bookies lengthen odds on Clippers, Lakers, Portland, with all three teams facing 3-2 deficits. Odds are also lengthened for Philadelphia despite their series win after it is announced that Joel Embiid has a lateral meniscus tear in his right knee and is day-to-day going forward. Betting is suspended on Boston, as they are eliminated from the playoffs.
  • 1st June – Bookies shorten odds on Utah and the Clippers, with Utah leading their series with Memphis and Los Angeles tying their series with Dallas. Odds are lengthened on Dallas and the Lakers, after losing Anthony Davis to injury and dropping game 4 to Phoenix. Betting is suspended on Miami after being eliminated in four games by Milwaukee.
  • 27th May – Brooklyn takes a 2-0 series lead over Boston, strengthening their position as favourites. Bookies lengthen odds on the Clippers and Heat, who each face a 2-0 series deficit. Odds are shortened on the Lakers after tying their series with Phoenix at 1-1.
  • 24th May – Following the first round of playoff games, bookies shorten odds on Brooklyn, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Portland and Dallas, with each team taking 1-0 series leads. Bookies lengthen odds on Boston, Miami, Denver and both Los Angeles teams, following Game 1 losses.
  • 17th May – Celtics drop a game to the New York Knicks. Bookies lengthen odds on Boston, who will have to win a play-in game against the Wizards to secure the seventh seed.
  • 10th May – A loss to the Miami Heat means the Lakers have a 2-3 record in their last five games. As Lakers look likely to enter play-in tournament, bookies shorten odds on Brooklyn.
  • 26th April – Nets have a 3-1 record in their last four games, maintaining their position as bookies’ favourites.
  • 19th April – The Boston Celtics extend their win streak to six with a 119-114 win over the Golden State Warriors. The Celtics are 8-1 in the month of April so far and move into the fourth seed, ahead of the Atlanta Hawks. Boston’s implied probability rises from 1.67% to 2.51%.
  • 15th April – Denver Nuggets guard Jamal Murray suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee during the Nuggets’ 116-107 loss to the Golden State Warriors and will be out indefinitely. Denver’s implied probability, which was on the rise, dips from 6.61% to 4.41%.
  • 12th April – The short-handed Lakers claim a blowout road win over the Nets, 126-101. Lakers buyout signee Andre Drummond exposed the Nets’ glaring weakness – interior defence, putting up 20 points and 11 rebounds. Brooklyn’s odds dip slightly, from 28.81% to 25.02%.
  • 8th April – Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant returns from a two-month absence and shoots a perfect 5-for-5 in a 139-111 win over the New Orleans Pelicans. Brooklyn are favourites at an average implied probability of 28.81%.

Current NBA Championship Winner Odds:

Player Fractional odds American odds
Milwaukee Bucks
4/17 -425
Phoenix Suns
13/4 +325

Above odds sourced via bet365 and updated 19/07/2021

About the data

We monitor trends in odds on key markets of interest by tracking a range of UK and international bookmakers. The update frequency varies, but is clearly shown on all our tables and charts. After fetching odds direct from bookies, we convert them to implied probability to make them easier to manage (read more on implied probability and converting from fractional to % probability). We then take the mean average implied probability to get a consensus view across the betting industry. This average implied probability is what we show on our charts and tables.

NBA Championship Winner Odds

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NBA Championship History

Eastern Conference

Team Division Championship Wins
Atlanta Hawks
Southeast 1
Boston Celtics
Atlantic 17
Brooklyn Nets
Atlantic 0
Charlotte Hornets
Southeast 0
Chicago Bulls
Central 6
Cleveland Cavaliers
Central 1
Detroit Pistons
Central 3
Indiana PacersCentral
Central 0
Miami Heat
Southeast 3
Milwaukee Bucks
Central 1
New York Knicks
Atlantic 2
Orlando Magic
Southeast 0
Philadelphia 76ers
Atlantic 3
Toronto Raptors
Atlantic 1
Washington Wizards
Southeast 1

Western Conference

Team Division Championship Wins
Dallas Mavericks
Southwest 1
Denver Nuggets
Northwest 0
Golden State Warriors
Pacific 6
Houston Rockets
Southwest 2
Los Angeles Clippers
Pacific 0
Los Angeles Lakers
Pacific 17
Memphis Grizzlies
Southwest 0
Minnesota Timberwolves
Northwest 0
New Orleans Pelicans
Southwest 0
Oklahoma City Thunder
Northwest 1
Phoenix Suns
Pacific 0
Portland Trail Blazers
Northwest 1
Sacramento Kings
Pacific 0
San Antonio Spurs
Southwest 5
Utah Jazz
Northwest 0