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Euro 2021 Winner Odds

Track the development of Euro 2021 winner odds with our historical trend data. Get the latest odds and see how they change as the tournament approaches.

Euro 2021 is just around the corner, and betting interest is already starting to rise as domestic seasons reach their conclusions. Our Euro 2021 odds page offers the latest odds and a detailed odds history, showing how each participant’s chances have been rated by the bookies since the start of April 2021.

We also track the following betting markets – take a look to see current odds and trends over time:

Current odds to win Euro 2021:

Team Fractional odds American odds
5/1 +500
5/1 +500
6/1 +600
7/1 +700
8/1 +800
8/1 +800
11/1 +1100
12/1 +1200
28/1 +2800
33/1 +3300

Above odds sourced via bet365 and updated 29/4/2021

About the data

We monitor trends in odds on key markets of interest by tracking a range of UK and international bookmakers. The update frequency varies, but is clearly shown on all our tables and charts. After fetching odds direct from bookies, we convert them to implied probability to make them easier to manage (read more on implied probability and converting from fractional to % probability). We then take the mean average implied probability to get a consensus view across the betting industry. This average implied probability is what we show on our charts and tables.

Euro 2021 Odds

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