Football season boosts September sports betting revenue in Mississippi

The Mississippi Gaming Commission (MGC) reported that sports betting in the state generated more than $5.5m in revenue in September.

Over $31.7m had been wagered on sports across the state.

Compared to August’s figures, the first month of legal sports betting in the state, there has been a considerable boost to the performance of sportsbooks in the state.

In August about $6.3m had been wagered on sports, with casinos generating a mere $644,000 in revenue.

The MGC broke down sports betting revenue by region, separating the casinos into three groups; coastal, northern and central.

The states coastal casinos generated $3.9m in revenue making these the highest performing casinos in the state.

Casinos in the northern region saw $1.1m in revenue and central casinos generated $470,564 in revenue.

Football wagers alone generated a total revenue of $3.9m, accounting for more than half of the state entire sports betting revenue.

However, an overall loss of $114,122 was reported on baseball betting and a loss of $2001 on basketball betting.

When comparing Mississippi to other states its important to consider that there is no mobile sports betting in the state.

Although it is legal to use a phone to place wagers while on casino property, none of the casinos have chosen to implement this service.

If mobile sports betting does take off in the state, then it is possible that Mississippi establishments could see an even greater revenue boost.


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