Illinois governor renews remote registration order for online betting again

Illinois’s governor has once again suspended the in-person registration order for online sports betting in the state.

On Friday, Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker once again renewed the executive order permitting remote registration for online sports betting in the state of Illinois.

Pritzker renews remote registration order again

Pritzker approved Executive Order 2020-74 which renewed several orders issued by the governor as well as the order that suspends the in-person registration requirement for online sports betting until 9 January 2021.

This marks the sixth time Pritzker has renewed the order since it was initially issued in June.

Under the order, Illinois bettors will be able to create online sportsbook accounts remotely from anywhere within the state.

This comes after several casinos across the state were closed on 20 November due to an increase in coronavirus cases across the entire state.

Prior to the latest casino shutdown, venues in the state had been operating at either 25% or 50% capacity depending on the figures from the state’s Department of Health.

Still no October betting figures

The Illinois Gaming Board has yet to release the state’s sports betting figures from October. 

According to the figures from September, Illinois sportsbooks took more than $305m in bets, with 90% of this coming from online and mobile sportsbooks, highlighting how much of a positive impact Pritzker’s approval of remote registration has had on the market.

October’s figures are highly anticipated as the report will paint a clearer picture of how Illinois’ online betting operators are performing.

Illinois is currently the only state with legal and regulated sports betting that has yet to publish its figures for October. 

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