Mississippi sportsbooks struggle in July

Mississippi’s sports betting figures took a significant hit in July.

According to figures from the Mississippi Gaming Commission (MGC), the amount wagered on sports in the Magnolia State dropped to $13.3m in July from $15.1m in June.

Sports betting in Mississippi generated just over $1m in revenue for sportsbooks, which is down from $1.6m in June.

A closer look at Mississippi’s figures

The MGC places Mississippi’s casino sportsbooks into three different categories based on their location – coastal, central and northern.

Coastal sports betting venues continued to dominate the Mississippi sports betting market. Bettors in the state wagered a total of $8.6m on sports in the coastal region. In terms of revenue, coastal sportsbooks generated $569,952.

Mississippi’s northern sportsbooks were the second-highest performing venues after taking $3.4m in sports wagers and holding on to $295,124.

The state’s central sportsbooks came in at third place, taking $1.3m in bets and generating $189,698 in revenue.

Baseball continues to dominate

Baseball was once again, the most popular sport amongst bettors in the state. More than $10.1m was bet on baseball which in turn generated $675,514 in revenue for sportsbooks across the state.

Parlay cards made up just under $1.8m of the state’s total betting handle. In terms of revenue, parlay cards generated $302,488 for sportsbooks.

Just over $1m was wagered on ‘other’ sports which made the sportsbooks $104,489.

Sportsbooks saw just $327,386 wagered on basketball in July. Overall, the state’s sportsbooks made a loss of $8,260 on basketball bets.

Once again, football was the least popular sport with Mississippi bettors in July. Sportsbooks saw just $71,016 in football bets and made a combined loss of $10,590 on those bets.

For an in-depth look at each state’s sports betting statistics visit the BettingUS stats page.

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