FanDuel and Associated Press strike exclusive odds deal

FanDuel has teamed up with the Associated Press for sports betting odds.

The US sports betting giant FanDuel has inked an exclusive odds deal with the non-profit news agency the Associated Press (AP).

This marks the latest partnership between an online betting giant and a media business in the US.

The partnership

The partnership will allow for FanDuel’s sports betting odds to be integrated into AP’s daily sports odd fixtures, game previews, and other sports stories that mention odds.

The news agency will retain editorial control of all content that is published with DanDuel’s odds.

FanDuel widgets will be integrated across a range of sports pages on and “select content” from FanDuel will be shared across the AP news wire.

An example of the partnership in action can be seen here, where AP has included a hyperlink to the sportsbook operator’s national landing page.

Barry Bedlan, AP’s global director of text and new markets products said: “As sports betting becomes more commonplace, our customers are increasingly asking for this kind of information.

“It makes sense to work with one of the largest reputable sportsbooks in the United States to provide a consistent, credible reference point for AP and its customers.”

Adam Kaplan, FanDuel Group’s general manager and vice president of content said: “AP is a globally recognized leader in trusted news, making them the ideal source for us to disseminate our industry-leading sportsbook’s proprietary odds and content.”

FanDuel’s latest partnership with a media business

The deal between FanDuel and AP marks the latest deal between the sportsbook operator and a media entity.

In October 2020, FanDuel inked a six-year deal with Entercom Communications, the largest sports radio ownership group in the US. The deal would see Entercom distribute “FanDuel odds, insight, and promotion via Entercom on-air stations and personalities.”

Entercom owns and operates 39 radio stations in the US and provided FanDuel with a massive boost to its US presence.

In that same month, FanDuel teamed up with Turner Sports to become an official sports betting partner for NBA programming.

Turner Sports, which owns the Bleacher Report also inked a partnership with FanDuel’s rival operator DraftKings.

The Turner Sports deal would allow for sports betting and fantasy sports content to be integrated across Turner’s digital and television properties and this included a presence on the Bleacher Report app.

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