Gamban blocks cryptocurrency and trading platforms

Gamban has announced it will begin blocking cryptocurrencies and stock trading platforms to offer a greater level of protection to its users.

The self-exclusion software provider Gamban has announced that it will begin blocking cryptocurrency and stock trading platforms in order to offer a greater level of protection for its consumers.

Gamban’s self-exclusion systems already block access to a comprehensive list of gambling websites,  and will the list will be extended to cover several trading platforms, which, according to Gamban is a “gambling grey area.”

The reason for blocking trading sites 

In its announcement, Gamban said that trading can elicit similar behaviour to gambling.

The self-exclusion provider also said it received a number of requests from customers asking to block cryptocurrency and stock trading and therefore it will block access to these platforms.

Gamban also said that by blocking these platforms it will give its users the best chance at recovery.

Gamban’s business intelligence officer James Forman said: “Gamban not only blocks all types of online gambling, including black market products and crypto but also trading websites. One of the main differences between Gamban and self-exclusion schemes is that we are not required to integrate with websites in order to block access to them.

“This means we can move quickly and block emerging threats such as esports and skins gambling that have risen to prominence during Covid-19.”

Another move for Gamban

The decision to block crypto and stock trading platforms comes after Gamban partnered with the experience marketing agency A Game Above, to launch Yield Sec, a new solution to help regulatory bodies and governments crackdown on illegal gambling.

Yield Sec will operate as a technical and advisory tool that allows regulatory bodies to monitor, police and enforce their betting and gambling markets. The tool will have access to a real-time database of illegal, black market gambling sites, which A Game Above said is the largest list of its type in the world. Users will be able to create and update their own operator blacklists using the software.

Prior to this partnership, Gamban teamed up with Lloyds Banking Group, allowing customers to access its site-blocking software.

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