Sportrader launches social media integrity education programme for athletes

Sportradar has launched a new programme to educate athletes on the best practices for sporting integrity on social media.

The data and integrity solutions provider Sportradar has announced the launch of a new educational programme to make sure athletes follow sports integrity practices while using social media.

The programme

The educational programme is made up of a series of webinars and workshops for sportspeople. 

These sessions are intended to remind players of the integrity risks that can surface when using social media and will remind players of the best practices for social media usage.

Andrew Whittingham, Head of Education Integrity Services, Sportradar said: “The integrity and reputational risks which can arise when using social media are far-reaching. Not only can failing to act with integrity online put individual users at risk of harm, it can also pose threats to the integrity of teams or clubs, leagues or competitions, or sport as a whole.”

Germany’s top ice hockey league, the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL), has become the first league to sign up to Sportradar’s new service.

Speaking on the league adopting the service, Whittingham said: “We’re excited to be working closely with PENNY DEL and we commend the robust approach they’re taking to social media integrity education. By combining sessions to educate players, referees and officials simultaneously they are ensuring all participants in ice hockey understand the individual and collective responsibilities they have to maintain the highest integrity standards.”

Gernot Tripcke, General Manager at Deutsche Eishockey Liga, said: “We are delighted about the cooperation with Sportradar. The players of the clubs are all active on social media several times a day and naturally want to make their own accounts as professional as possible. 

“The workshops will definitely be helpful in proceeding with the greatest possible security in the social media area. Equally, it’s about anti-manipulation, which has always been extremely important to us as a league.”

The news of Sportradar’s new programme comes just days after the Slovak Football Association partnered with Sportradar.

Slovak Football Association partners with Sportradar

Last week, the Slovak Football Association (SFZ) announced an agreement with Sportradar which will see the data provider monitor and safeguard the integrity of the league’s domestic football competitions.

Under the agreement, Sportradar will monitor lower-level Slovakian football and club friendlies involving Slovakian teams using its Fraud Detection System in order to detect and assess any abnormal betting activity.

Sportradar Integrity Services Managing Director Andreas Krannich said: “We are delighted to be working alongside the SFZ and offering our expertise to help safeguard their domestic football matches against integrity-related threats. Drawing upon our 15 years of experience in the field of sporting integrity, and driven by our market-leading FDS solution, we are committed to helping our sporting partners detect and prevent manipulation, and to identify and mitigate all forms of integrity risk”.

Jakub Čavoj, SFZ Integrity Officer said: “The Slovak Football Association is committed to the anti-match-fixing fight, and by entering into partnership with Sportradar Integrity Services, we are demonstrating the importance we place on keeping our game clean.”

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