Genesis Global to appeal British licence suspension

Online operator Genesis Global confirmed it will appeal its licence suspension in the UK.

The online gambling operator Genesis Global confirmed it will “vigorously” appeal the UK Gambling Commission’s decision to suspend its operating licence in Great Britain.

This comes after the Commission said it would suspend the operator’s licence while it conducts a review of the operator’s activities following two suspected licence breaches.

Appealing the decision

In response to the Commission’s decision, Genesis said that earlier in July, it was the subject of a routine compliance assessment carried out by the regulator. The operator added it had previously undergone similar assessments without any problems.

However, after the latest assessment, the Commission issued a review of the operator’s British remote operating licence, with the decision to temporarily suspend the operator’s licence.

After seeking independent legal advice, Genesis said that it is “of the opinion that the decision to suspend their operating licence is not only disproportionate but also inconsistent with UKGC’s previous regulatory enforcement action in regard to other operators”.

As a result of this, the operator confirmed it will appeal the Commission’s decision to suspend its operating licence using all available channels.

The operator has stated it is fully cooperating with the Commission during the review of its licence and has voluntarily provided the regulator with an action plan following the assessment before the suspension was issued.

While expressing an “extreme level” of disappointment at the Commission’s decision, the operator said it will “continue with its own existing compliance systems, policies and procedures whilst also continuously improving upon them. This will ensure a responsible and safe gaming environment for all players, where Genesis is confident that this will be clearly reflected during the review process.”

Genesis also highlighted how important it is “that all funds are always 100 per cent fully secured and available for withdrawal.”

The operator added: “To all our loyal and trusting stakeholders; in particular our dedicated customers, team, suppliers, and others we assure you that it is business as usual in all other jurisdictions in which the company operates and we appreciate your continued support during these challenging times.”

Why was the licence suspended?

The operator’s licence was suspended on 20 July after the Commission suspected that Genesis breached section 116(2)(a) of the 2005 Gambling Act.

In a statement, the regulator said: “We suspect that Genesis Global Limited has breached a condition of the licence (section 116(2)(a) of the Act)) and is unsuitable to carry on the licensed activities (section 116(2)(c)(i)) of the Act).”

The specific clause in the Act states: “The Commission may review any matter connected with the provision of facilities for gambling as authorised by an operating licence if the Commission—

(a)has reason to suspect that activities may have been carried on in purported reliance on the licence but not in accordance with a condition of the licence.”

As the operator’s licence has been temporarily suspended, it is now illegal for Genesis Global to offer gambling service via its online gambling sites in Great Britain.

The affected online casino brands are listed as:


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