Montana Lottery reveals proposed rules for sports betting

Montana is making progress towards launching sports betting operations.

Last week, the Montana Lottery revealed its proposed sports betting rules and regulations and opened a public-comment period.

The regulations were released through the Montana Administrative Register on Friday.

Under the state’s sports betting laws, the state lottery is responsible for overseeing sports betting in Montana.

What’s covered under the proposed regulations?

The proposed regulations would pave the way for anonymous sports betting at land-based sports betting locations. According to the regulations, “this will allow persons who are new to sports wagering the ability to experience sports betting without providing personal information.” Land-based sports betting venues will still be required to verify a customer’s identity before they can bet.

When it comes to mobile sports betting, bettors will have to create an account before they can place an online bet.

The regulations would create a voluntary self-exclusion program. Players will also be given the option to set deposit, spending and time limits.

Under the regulations, players must be at least 18 years old to place a bet. The proposed rules also state that any accounts which remain inactive for 18 months must be closed.

What happens next?

As well as revealing the proposed sports betting regulations, the Montana Lottery also opened a public consultation period.

During the public consultation period, members of the public will be able to raise any concerns they have with the proposed regulations.

The consultation period will last at least 30 days and a public hearing is set to take place on 28 October.

Angela Wong, Director of the Montana Lottery said: “The sports wagering law passed in May and we’ve been working hard ever since to build something Montanans will be excited about. We’ve got a lot to share with Montanans, but the first step is making sure their voices are heard as we move forward.”

The state Lottery has said it hopes to launch sports betting operations by the end of 2019.

Sports betting in Montana

In early May, Governor Steve Bullock signed a bill legalizing sports wagering into law. The passage of this bill made Montana the first state to legalize sports betting in 2019 and the ninth state to legalize sports betting in the US.

Under Montana’s sports betting law, sports wagering will be overseen by the state lottery. Sportsbooks will be subject to a tax rate of 8.5% on receipts and licenses will cost $1,000.

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