Week 8 NFL Power Rankings: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Moving On Up

The Arizona Cardinals took care of business at home against the Houston Texans on Sunday and remain atop the power rankings. Even though none of the top NFC contenders lost, there was some movement. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the scariest offense in the NFL through seven weeks, which has them knocking on the door of the No. 1 spot if and when the Cardinals have a misstep.

Here is a look at my power rankings heading into Week 8. Odds courtesy of DraftKings on Oct. 26.

1. Arizona Cardinals (7-0)

Last Week: 1

Week 7 result: 31-5 win over the Texans

Week 8: Cardinals (-6.5) vs. Packers

Super Bowl odds: +900

The Cardinals are No. 1 in the NFL in points allowed (16.3), No. 4 in scoring (32.1) and No. 1 in point-differential (plus-111). They now have the fourth-best Super Bowl odds in the NFL after starting the season at +4500. A huge Thursday Night Football showdown against the Green Bay Packers is on tap.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-1)

Last Week: 4

Week 7 result: 38-3 win over the Bears

Week 8: Buccaneers (-5) at Saints

Super Bowl odds: +550

Tampa put up 35 points in the first half against Chicago and cruised the rest of the way. The defense also looked fantastic, and if that side of the ball finds its groove, Tampa Bay will be hard to beat.

3. Los Angeles Rams (6-1)

Last Week: 2

Week 7 result: 28-19 win over the Lions

Week 8: Rams (-14) at Texans

Super Bowl odds: +800

The Rams weren’t able to pull away from the winless Lions until late in the contest. This is a very good football team, but the margin is slim at the top, and right now, Los Angeles looks like the third-best team in the NFC.

4. Buffalo Bills (4-2)

Last Week: 3

Week 7 result: Bye

Week 8: Bills (-14) at Dolphins

Super Bowl odds: +550

Buffalo didn’t play last week but watched on as both the Ravens and Chiefs lost. That could be a big help in its quest for the No. 1 seed in the AFC playoffs.

5. Dallas Cowboys (5-1)

Last Week: 6

Week 7 result: Bye

Week 8: Cowboys (-2.5) at Vikings

Super Bowl odds: +1400

The Cowboys are back in action this week after the bye. The NFC East is basically wrapped up, but Dallas needs to win tough games like Sunday’s matchup against the Vikings to remain in contention for the top seed.

6. Baltimore Ravens (5-2)

Last Week: 5

Week 7 result: 41-17 loss to the Bengals

Week 8: Bye

Super Bowl odds: +1200

Baltimore had no answer for Joe Burrow and the Bengals on Sunday. The overall body of work is still solid, but the Ravens missed a golden chance to become the front-runner in the AFC.

7. Green Bay Packers (6-1)

Last Week: 7

Week 7 result: 24-10 win over Washington

Week 8: Packers (+6.5) at Cardinals

Super Bowl odds: +1200

The Packers have won six straight but are sizable underdogs on Thursday night as wide receivers Davante Adams and Allen Lazard are both on the COVID-19 list. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers will need to play great against the Cardinals to give Green Bay a chance.

8. Tennessee Titans (5-2)

Last Week: 10

Week 7 result: 27-3 win over the Chiefs

Week 8: Titans (-1.5) at Colts

Super Bowl odds: +1800

The Titans backed up an impressive win against the Bills with a blowout of the Chiefs. The offense is hitting on all cylinders now and the defense has improved.

9. Cincinnati Bengals (5-2)

Last Week: 14

Week 7 result: 41-17 win over the Ravens

Week 8: Bengals (-10.5) at Jets

Super Bowl odds: +3500

The Bengals are in the running for the NFL’s biggest surprise. Burrow and rookie wideout Ja’Marr Chase have proven to be an electric duo, but it’s the progress of the defense that may be most head-turning. 

10. Los Angeles Chargers (4-2)

Last Week: 9

Week 7 result: Bye

Week 8: Chargers (-5.5) vs. Patriots

Super Bowl odds: +1800

The Chiefs’ struggles mean there is a very real chance the Chargers can win the division and subsequently make a playoff run. Los Angeles still needs to hold up its end of the bargain, though, by continuing to play well.

11. Kansas City Chiefs (3-4)

Last Week: 8

Week 8 result: 27-3 loss to the Titans

Week 9: Chiefs (-10) vs. Giants

Super Bowl odds: +1400

I’m not totally out on the Chiefs, but there are major concerns. They have an uphill battle to grab a top playoff seed and would be well-served to rout the Giants and get back on track.

12. Cleveland Browns (4-3)

Last Week: 11

Week 7 result: 17-14 win over the Broncos

Week 8: Browns (-3.5) vs. Steelers

Super Bowl odds: +2500

The Browns picked up a much-needed win over Denver, but quarterback Baker Mayfield’s health is a concern. Cleveland needs another win this week against Pittsburgh to keep pace in the AFC.

13. Las Vegas Raiders (5-2)

Last Week: 16

Week 7 result: 33-22 win over the Eagles

Week 8: Bye

Super Bowl odds: +5000

The Raiders are only No. 19 in team efficiency, per Football Outsiders, which suggests they are not as good as the record would indicate. 

14. New Orleans Saints (4-2)

Last Week: 13

Week 7 result: 13-10 win over the Seahawks

Week 8: Saints (+5) vs. Buccaneers

Super Bowl odds: +4000

The Saints’ defense is legit, but it’s hard to know what Jameis Winston is going to do in a given quarter, let alone an entire game. 

15. San Francisco 49ers (2-4)

Last Week: 12

Week 7 result: 30-18 loss to the Colts

Week 8: 49ers (-3.5) at Bears

Super Bowl odds: +6500

While many people have given up on the 49ers, there is still a decent chance they can make the playoffs if they can somehow get some better quarterback play from Jimmy Garoppolo or Trey Lance. But if things go south, coach Kyle Shanahan will be under the microscope.


16. Minnesota Vikings (3-3)

Last Week: 15

Week 7 result: Bye

Week 8: Vikings (+2.5) vs. Cowboys

Super Bowl odds: +10000

The Vikings shook off a slow start and now seem a decent bet to make the postseason. Minnesota still has a tough schedule, and a home win over Dallas would be big.

17. Indianapolis Colts (3-4)

Last Week: 19

Week 7 result: 30-18 win over the 49ers

Week 8: Colts (+1.5) vs. Titans

Super Bowl odds: +5000

The Colts are another team that has done a nice job turning things around. They are slight underdogs against Tennessee on Sunday but a win would get them right back into the divisional race.

18. Denver Broncos (3-4)

Last Week: 17

Week 7 result: 17-14 loss to the Browns

Week 8: Broncos (-3) vs. Washington

Super Bowl odds: +15000

That hot start is a distant memory, but the Broncos are still trading for players as they push for a playoff spot. They badly need a win this week against Washington.

19. New England Patriots (3-4)

Last Week: 21

Week 7 result: 54-13 win over the Jets

Week 8: Patriots (+5.5) at Chargers

Super Bowl odds: +10000

The Patriots dominated the Jets, but need to show they can beat more talented teams. Another opportunity awaits against the Chargers.

20. Carolina Panthers (3-4)

Last Week: 18

Week 7 result: 25-3 loss to the Giants

Week 8: Panthers (+3) at Falcons

Super Bowl odds: +20000

Carolina looked terrible against a short-handed Giants team and quarterback Sam Darnold was benched. The playoffs are a longshot.

21. Philadelphia Eagles (2-5)

Last Week: 20

Week 7 result: 33-22 loss to the Raiders

Week 8: Eagles (-3.5) at Lions

Super Bowl odds: +20000

There are rumblings that Gardner Minshew could get a shot as the starting quarterback in place of Jalen Hurts. Philly seems in a bit of limbo right now, and that’s never good.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-3)

Last Week: 23

Week 7 result: Bye

Week 8: Steelers (+3.5) at Browns

Super Bowl odds: +10000

The Steelers are a middling team, but if they can take advantage of another banged-up team this week, then they will be in the middle of the playoff hunt in the AFC.

23. Chicago Bears (3-4)

Last Week: 23

Week 7 result: 38-3 loss to the Buccaneers

Week 8: Bears (+3.5) vs. 49ers

Super Bowl odds: +20000

Chicago was demolished by the Buccaneers, proving how little their 3-3 start actually meant. Justin Fields is having a tough rookie year and the Bears aren’t giving him much help.

24. Atlanta Falcons (3-3)

Last Week: 27

Week 7 result: 30-28 win over the Dolphins

Week 8: Falcons (-3) vs. Panthers

Super Bowl odds: +25000

The Falcons scratched out a win over Miami to improve to .500, but the oddsmakers see a paper tiger, as their Super Bowl odds are still incredibly long.

25. New York Giants (2-5)

Last Week: 28

Week 7 result:  25-3 win over the Panthers

Week 8: Giants (+10) at Chiefs

Super Bowl odds: +50000

The Giants could actually be an intriguing team when healthy, but they lost so many close games early on that it will be hard to get out of this hole.

26. Seattle Seahawks (2-5)

Last Week: 24

Week 7 result: 13-10 loss to the Saints

Week 8: Seahawks (-3.5) vs. Jaguars

Super Bowl odds: +10000

The Seahawks seem unlikely to make the postseason for just the second time in the past 10 years, and the rumblings about a Russell Wilson-Pete Carroll breakup are getting louder.

27. Washington Football Team (2-5)

Last Week: 25

Week 7 result: 24-10 loss to the Packers 

Week 8: Washington (+3) at Broncos

Super Bowl odds: +20000

Washington isn’t very good on either side of the ball. Not a recipe for success.

28. Miami Dolphins (1-6)

Last Week: 26

Week 7 result: 30-28 loss to the Falcons

Week 8: Dolphins (+14) at Bills

Super Bowl odds: +20000

The Dolphins are probably the biggest disappointment in the NFL as they entered the season with playoff hopes. 

29. Houston Texans (1-6)

Last Week: 29

Week 7 result: 31-5 loss to the Cardinals

Week 8: Texans (+14) vs. Rams

Super Bowl odds: +100000

The hapless Texans were dominated by the Cardinals on Sunday and are huge underdogs again this week against the Rams. 

30. New York Jets (1-5)

Last Week: 30

Week 7 result: 54-13 loss to the Patriots

Week 8: Jets (+10.5) vs. Bengals

Super Bowl odds: +100000

The Texans are a bad team, but they don’t move down because the Jets looked even worse on Sunday. Oh, and quarterback Zach Wilson is now out for several weeks due to injury.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5)

Last Week: 31

Week 7 result: Bye

Week 8: Jaguars (+3.5) at Seahawks

Super Bowl odds: +100000

The Jaguars have a decent chance at a winning streak in this week’s game against Seattle, but only because Russell Wilson is on the shelf.

32. Detroit Lions (0-7)

Last Week: 32

Week 7 result: 28-19 loss to the Rams

Week 8: Lions (+3.5) vs. Eagles

Super Bowl odds: +100000

The Lions played another team tough, but lost again, so at 32 they remain.

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