William Hill signs EGBA responsible advertising code

William Hill has signed the European Gaming and Betting Association’s new code for the advertising of online gambling services.

The sports betting giant William Hill announced it has signed The European Gaming and Betting Association’s (EGBA) pan-European code for responsible advertising for online gambling.

This news comes after the EGBA announced the first of its kind pan-European advertising code earlier this week.

William Hill signs the code

By signing up the EGBA’s new advertising code, the online gambling company has committed itself to the Association’s long-term vision for strengthening gambling advertising standards across Europe.

Patrick Jonker, managing director for William Hill International said: “We are very pleased to join the initiative by the EGBA. As license holders within numerous markets, our advertisement policies always follow the local regulatory frameworks. During these difficult times, we welcome any initiative that will offer additional protection of minors.”

Maarten Haijer, Secretary General for the EGBA, said: “Advertising is essential to inform the consumer of the websites which are regulated and steer them away from rogue black-market websites. But advertising should be responsible and protect consumers, particularly minors. We encourage other gambling companies to sign up to the code and look forward to engaging with Europe’s authorities to ensure its success.”

The new code

The Code of Conduct on Responsible Advertising for Online Gambling is intended to complement and strengthen the existing legal and self-regulatory framework for online gambling advertising in Europe. The new code of conduct places a strong emphasis on self- and co-regulation in the protection of minors from exposure to gambling advertising.

The code is made up of several measures including the use of content moderation to ensure gambling advertising is appropriate. Under the code, gambling products should not be advertised during broadcasts aimed at minors.

Measures covering social media marketing are also outlined in the code which will include age-gating social media profiles on social media platforms. The new code also includes sponsorship arrangements where operators must agree not to sponsor activities that predominantly appeal to minors, as well as a section on responsible gambling messages and campaigns.

The new advertising code applies to all EGBA members and other online gambling companies licensed in the EU, European Economic Area and the UK will be able to sign up to the new measures.

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