GiG to offer operators free coronavirus compliance checks

GiG has announced plans to offer free coronavirus compliance checks for operators.

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) has announced it will offer free searches to online operators that are concerned affiliate marketing partners are using the coronavirus pandemic to promote their brands.

This news comes after supervisory authorities have criticized some of some “unethical” affiliate marketing companies that are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to boost search results.

What will GiG do?

In response to the criticism, GiG has added several coronavirus keywords and phrases to its GiG Comply proprietary affiliate monitoring and compliance software. Operators will be able to use these to carry out searches for affiliates using these search terms free of charge.

James King, GiG’s Director of Sales said: “We don’t believe anyone should be profiteering off this crisis, which is having a huge effect on so many within our industry and through many others. Therefore, we at GiG are running checks against COVID-19/ Coronavirus (and other associated keywords) for operators for free.

“Our technology can scan and analyse thousands of web pages within a short space of time and therefore is well placed to support our industries fight against those profiteering off the back of this crisis.”

What are other companies doing?

GiG is one of several gambling companies to offer services for free amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

Last week, igaming solutions provider Nsoft, which is based in Bosnia, announced it would offer its virtual and draw-based games for free in order to help operators soften the impact of the outbreak on business.

The compliance solutions provider, W2 Global Data, also announced it will offer its services to gambling companies without any fees. Bayes Holding, an esports data specialist, also announced it will offer new customers a discount on data feeds.

In the US, the casino table game supplier Galaxy Gaming announced it will be suspending billing for any casinos that have closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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